What is Software Reporter Tool and Why its there in Chrome Folder???

Software Reporter Tool is a Google Chrome tool that enables the browser to monitor the reports & add-ons. The tool is not a harmful file or malware because the Chrome developers have created it, and it sends a report to the Chrome developers to tell them that there is an add-on or service creating problems with the normal functioning of the browser. In case, if “software_reporter_tool.exe “creates problems like high CPU usage, then you can disable it.

What is Software Reporter Tool?

The chrome browser Software reporter tool is an executable file that allows the browser to send information about the high CPU usage caused by an add-on, browser, files, or anything related to the browser. It has one purpose to information the Chrome developers about the performance and usage so that they can improve it further developed.

And, the data collected is sent via the Internet by the tool.

1. Is Chrome Software Reporter Tool a Malware or Virus?

Google collects all kinds of information, and no one would deny it. It collects data like your information, website information, traffic information, usage, ads tracking, and much other information. The Chrome browser privacy tools signed by Google, and they are a registered company, but they use the information to improve the services and further developments in the browser.

2. Chrome Cleanup Tool & Chrome Software Reporter Tool

The Chrome developers have made significant changes to the browser, and they have changed the name from software reporter tool to Chrome cleanup tool a few months back. They have again changed it to something else, and we are going to cover it.

  1. The Chrome developers have collected the information using the software reporter tool.
  2. The collected data helped them to identify the problems, and they have improved & changed the tool to the Cleanup tool.
  3. However, the Chrome browser UI has changed in the last update, and the major update has removed the cleanup tool.

But, they have introduced malware tool, and I am going to cover it in this tutorial as well.

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3. Chrome Clean Up Computer Tool

Google fights spam, virus, hacking, and malware because it is one of the biggest threats in the cybersecurity space today. The company has added an inbuilt malware tool to enable the users to fight against the nutshell, website injections, portals malware, and it will affect those who were committing crimes using malware tools.

Google is fighting against evil developers using malware to create threats around the world, and every malware goes through the browser, but Google wants to fight against it. The biggest fear that shocked the world is ransomware and Chrome browser will protect you from malware, virus, files, hijackers, and other malicious programs.

How to Use Chrome’s Malware Scanner & Cleanup Tool?

We have explained the new feature in the Chrome browser, but first, you have to update your existing browser to enable it.

Step 1: Launch the browser, and type this “chrome://settings/help” in the address bar, and let the browser to update to the latest version. Make sure your computer connected to the Internet.

software reporter tool

Step 2: Now, you have to type this “chrome://settings/cleanup” in the address bar and it will take you to the main page.

scanner and clean tool

Step 3: There’s an option called “find,” click on it to begin the scanning.

cleaner tool

Step 4: The scanning will begin, and it’s going to take a while to complete the scanning process. You have to remain patient because it can take one minute to several minutes to complete the process.

checking harmful software

Step 5: In case, if it is taking more than half an hour, then I suggest you use this feature because it will stop the scanning process, and remove the malware at the same time. First, click on the back button at the top and I have shared the snapshot so that you can take a visual look at it.

clean up computer

Step 6: Now, you have two options, and I suggest you to select “clean up” because it will clean your Chrome browser and the virus, malware, and other harmful files from the computer.

clean up computer

The cleaning process will take one minute to a few minutes to complete the process.

How Does Clean Up Help My Browser?

In case, if you have issues with the copy of the browser, then you can fix it when you have issues:

  1. Random search engine added to your browser, and the homepage has changed.
  2. If you have spotted unwanted extensions that you have not added to your browser.
  3. There are pop-up advertisements in your browser, and it doesn’t go away.
  4. Your browser is redirecting to some random pages, and websites without you clicking on it.
  5. You have pop-ups that falsely inform you that your system infected with the virus.
  6. And many more.

I am no stranger to such malicious websites & advertisements popping up on my screen, and I think Google Chrome team did a good job of adding a very much needed tool.

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