How to Use Telnet client in Windows 10

Telnet is a user command and it is an underlying TCP/IP protocol that makes one able to access remote computers. Using Telnet, an administrator or either user can access someone else’s computer remotely. Using a Telnet Client, you can log in as a regular user with the provided privileges you would have been granted to the specific application and data on the computer that you are using remotely.

A telnet command looks something like this- telnet.

The end result of this request would be an invitation that leads you to log on with a user id and then a prompt for the password. After that, you would be logged on like any user who used this computer every day and you would be able to use it remotely.

Now, this sounds cool and you feel like that you want to try this but you don’t know at all that how you should. Don’t worry, we got you covered and we can help you install Telnet client in Windows 10. There are a couple of ways by which you can try this.

Method #1- Install Telnet Client From Control Panel

  • Now, first of all, you should open the ‘Start‘ menu
  • Then open ‘Control Panel‘.
  • Then open ‘Programs‘ followed by selecting the ‘Turn Windows features on or off‘ option.

Install Telnet Client Windows

  • Tick the ‘Telnet Client Box‘.
  • After all that simply click ‘Ok‘ and a dialogue box will appear saying ‘Windows features’ and ‘Searching for required files’.
  • After the completion of which, the Telnet client should be installed in Windows.

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Method #2- Install Telnet Client Via Command Line

Hold down the ‘Windows Key’, then click ‘R’. The Run dialog box will appear. Then type:

pkgmgr /iu:”TelnetClient”

Telnet Windows

After which all you have to do is press ‘Ok’ and Windows will automatically install the Telnet Client.

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If you want to read more technical details about Telnet Client you can visit Wikipedia.

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