How to use Snapchat on windows pc or laptop

Snapchat is one of the popular social media platforms in the world. The United Kingdom Vodafone has revealed that 72% of the upload data comes from Snapchat. The CEO of Snapchat has revealed that they have a 100 million active users on the platform, and 67% of the users publish content on the platform.

The official version of the Snapchat developed for the Android, and iOS devices. However, they did not design it for the computers because the advertising platform is marketing the smartphone platform. You cannot expect the Snapchat to add desktop version because the brand revenue comes from smartphone advertisement reach.

So how to play Snapchat on Windows and Mac computers?

Allow us to show you how you can begin to use the Snapchat on your desktop without worrying about the compatibility.

1. Snapchat Blocked It

The company is focusing on improving the services and features, and they are focusing a lot on the marketing, media company, and improving the existing features. They are very strict when it comes to using the application on the allowed devices. You can use Snapchat on the Android and iOS device, but they don’t allow the users to use it on the desktop using the Android emulator.

Ever since the Company stock market has gotten down, they have become even more strict.

Yes, you read it right, the founders have decided to block anyone from accessing Snapchat from Android emulator.

However, I have found a way that enables you to use Snapchat on Windows OS and Mac OS X without any issues, but you have to follow every step without skipping any of it.


It’s time to fill in a few requirements to make this method work on your PC.

  1. You need a PC or laptop that supports Intel virtualization technology and AMD Hyper-V, and you can use the tools check the compatibility. One more thing that vvirtualizationtechnology is disabled in BIOS so turns it on.
  2. You need at least 2GB RAM, and above is preferred.
  3. Make sure your processor supports multi-tasking because many processors clocked at 1.6GHz Dual-core is not capable enough to run emulators smoothly.
  4. You need an Android emulator, and I suggest you download Nox App Player because it is the only an emulator that supports Snapchat edition, and I will show you how you can make it work. But, keep in mind that Bluestacks is not going to help in this case.

Fortunately, you can download Nox App Player for Mac OSX computers, and also download the Snapchat APK from a third-party site.

Note: No other emulators and editions won’t work because the Snapchat has blocked them, and they have advanced detectors to recognise the latest editions, so you better avoid it. The solution is to download the Nox App Player version from the FileHippo, and APK file from the third-party site.

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2. Installation Process

It’s time to show you how to access the yellow brand on Windows OS and Mac OSX machines.

Step 1: I am assuming that you have downloaded the APK file and Nox App Player and Installed it on your machines. In case, if you are using Mac, then you can Google “Nox App Player version” and download it.

But, we will show you step-by-step.

First, download the Nox App Player from the Filehippo, and it is a safe site.

Snapchat for pc

Second, download the Snapchat from a third-party site, and we cannot guarantee your safety and these files may and may not contain the virus.

Snapchat for computer

After the download finished, then click on the set-up to begin the process. Check the “terms and conditions” agreement, and click on Install.

Snapchat for pc

Step 2: The Installation will begin, and the program will extract the files, and Installs the Android emulator.

Snapchat sign up

Step 3: It takes one minute or five minutes to complete the process, and the Installation duration depends on your laptop or computer hardware. Click on “start” to launch Nox emulator to proceed to the next step.

Pc snapchat

Step 4: Take a good at the emulator, and you have the main features & functions on the right side of the emulator.

Snapchat for personal computer

Step 5: Now, you have to drag & drop the APK file into the Nox App Player, and it will Install the files automatically without displaying status. You have to click on the Install button when the Windows 10 will prompt you at the right bottom in the notifications. Do not panic because the emulator is installing the files in the background, and you won’t find a status bar to monitor.

snapchat for pc

Step 6: The Nox App Player takes around one minute to finish the main process, and the Snapchat icon will appear on the dashboard.

pc snapchat

Step 7: Click on the icon to launch the application, and you can start using it without any issues.

Snapchat icon

Remember, we are using December 16, 2017 edition so that you might miss out the latest features or the interface, but you have no other choice except adjusting.

Is This Method Safe?

Currently, privacy is a major crisis in many countries, and Europe took a major step to maintain the privacy of the citizens. Is your privacy secure when you use methods like these?

It’s a valid question. One wrong photo, comments, or status on social media can get you fired from the job, and it can even cost you a Police case, and it is evident. I think everyone has the right to know about it because what goes on the Internet stays on the Internet permanently.

  1. Nox App Player used by millions and they don’t seem to pose a problem. But, it uses your Google account for apps, so make sure to use an alternative account that you won’t use in present and future.
  2. The APK files may contain harmful files, and it can even leak your credentials as well. We cannot guarantee your safety because APK files one may source of contamination.

But I have tested the file for virus & malware using VirusTotal, and it has given a green signal to the file.

Snapchat for pc

Red signal stands for the virus, and the green signal stands for the clean file.


Let us know what do you think about the methods we have shown you in the comment section below. In case, if you have any issues with the process, then we can guide through it, so let us know in the comment section.

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