TCS Ultimatix App for Employees

Almost all the companies have ERP portals present in order to automate employ related services that include salary, timesheet, and way many more.

The ERP portal of the company TCS is Ultimatix. TCS is a huge company that included 3,87,000 employees in December in the year of 2016 according to a source, now whereas some small companies buy ERP services from other companies due to their low number of employees but to keep all these employees in TCS in check and handle all their services, they have put up a huge system which is just as huge as TCS and is named as

Or you can just call it Ultimatix which is the official TCS portal that fulfills employee-related services.

Things that can be done with Ultimatix

  1. The work that has been done in a day is filled into the Ultimatix by the employees.
  2. In case an employee needs a leave, then even leaves can be put up by employees and supervisors can either accept or reject their leaves via leave management system that is also present in the ultimatix.
  3. To attain the information of any working person in the company, ultimatix can be used, as you can get every info about the employee from his e-mail to his phone number.
  4. Bonafide letter, joining letter, appointment letter and other important documents can be obtained straight from ultimatix.
  5. Salary slips are also available for downloading from Ultimatix to the employees.
  6. The opportunities that are available for you in the company can also be seen here.
  7. For salary hikes and performance checks, Ultimatix is used.
  8. Now social networks can also be connected to Ultimatix so that the employees can share their thoughts and pleasant moments of life.
  9. Your PF funds and all different allowances can also be managed through Ultimtix.

TCS ultimatix app download

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Ultimatix apps available for iOS and Android

So to download an app for Ultimatix, you will first have to register your iOS or Android device.

  • To do so open the TCS Ultimatix from mobile and then select whether iOS or Android and then open Utilities.
  • After that go to the Appmart present in your Android or iPhone for registering your device.
  • When the device is authorized, you should be able to see a list of apps that will be available for your device, and then click on the install button to install it.

These steps should have solved your issue if it did then comment below so that other users can see however if it didn’t then tell us so that we can come back at you asap.

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