Show Hidden Files in Windows Simple Guide

By default settings, there are various important files that are hidden in your operating system in order to prevent you from accidentally deleting them leading to you causing damage to your computer. But there are various reasons that might lead you to want to see these files such as changing certain settings in order to modify your computer or perhaps you are just the tech geek who wants to see each and everything that your computer has to offer or you just don’t want your computer to treat you like a kid and hide stuff to try to protect you from yourself. So here is how you can see all the hidden and protected files on your computer.

Method #1- Via File Explorer

Step 1- Click on the ‘Start’ button and select ‘File Explorer’.

Step 2- There will be an option named ‘View’ at the top left side of the screen. Select it.

Step 3- Then you’ll see a column ‘Show/Hide’. There check the ‘Hidden Items’ box in order to view all the hidden files.

how to show hidden files

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Method #2- Via Control Panel

Step 1– Click on the ‘Start’ button and select ‘Control Panel’.

Step 2– Then select ‘Appearance and Personalisation’.

Step 3– Then select ‘File Explorer Options’ and a dialogue box will open.

Step 4– Click on the ‘View’ tab. Then in ‘Advance Settings’ you’ll have to change the checkbox ‘Don’t show hidden files, folders, drives’ to ‘Show hidden files, folders, drives’.(If you want you can also uncheck the ‘Hide protected operating system files’ however it is not recommended.)

how to sho hidden files in windows 10

Source: Microsoft

Method #3- Show Hidden Files Via Registry

Step 1– Hold the ‘Windows key’ and press ‘r’ to open the ‘Run dialogue box’.

Step 2– Type ‘regedit’ and then press “Enter”.

show hidden files cmd

Step 3– Navigate to the following location:

  • Software
  • Microsoft
  • Windows
  • CurrentVersion
  • Explorer
  • Advanced

show hidden files in windows 7

Step 4– Set the value for ‘Hidden’ to ‘1’ leading to show hidden files, folders and drives.(Optionally you can Set the value for ‘ShowSuperHidden’ to ‘1’ to show protected operating system files. Set the value to ‘2’ to not show protected operating system files.)

I hope that this article was helpful. You’ll be able to see all the Hidden Files on Windows 7, 8, 10 and also the files in a USB Drive. Please share this with someone if you think they need to see this. Keep showing your support and if you have any suggestions please tell me about it in the comment section.

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