Run Pixel Gun 3D game on your Windows PC

Pixel Gun 3D PC game is not officially available on the computer platform, but you can run the Android and iOS games on your Windows and Mac PC. Allow us to show you a complete tutorial on how to set to set up Pixel Gun 3D PC on your Windows 10 and Mac PC.

What do you need?

Playing the Pixel Gun 3D on a computer gives you more accurate shooting experience, than on a smartphone. The big monitor screen helps you track the enemies better, and the aiming experience improves because you have the mouse to guide you, and you can set the mouse sensitivity according to your regular mouse.

  1. You need an Android emulator. In this case, we are going to use MeMu player for Windows, and you can use Nox App Player for Mac PC.
  2. You need a high- speed Internet connection because the Android emulator’s file size is above 200MB, and you also have to download the 500MB file size of Pixel Gun 3D PC game.
  3. Android emulators don’t run on computers that don’t support Intel-V and AMD-V. If you are running an old processor like Intel E2180, or latest entry-level AMD processor A6-7310, and the interesting part of both processors that they don’t support VIRTUALIZATION. It doesn’t have the capabilities. You can check Intel-V (Use the Intel® Processor Identification Utility.)                                                                                                                       C:\Users\Winwows 7\Desktop\Intel-V.png                                                                                                                              And, you can find out virtualization support by using AMD-V check tool.      C:\Users\Winwows 7\Desktop\AMD - V.png
  4. Make sure your PC has at least 1GB free RAM for the game, or else, the game will lag a lot, and the frame rates will drop as well.
  5. The Pixel Gun 3D PC might not look graphical demanding game, but you need DDR2 or above 512MB video RAM or graphics card on your PC. I would recommend you to buy an entry-level graphics card model or used graphics card like NVIDIA GT 430 on eBay for $20.                                           C:\Users\Winwows 7\Desktop\graphics.png
  6. You can use any AMD Dual-core or Intel Dual-core processor to run the game, and it is more than enough to run the game smoothly.

The requirements may sound a little higher, but there aren’t many options available on the Pixel Gun 3D game because it is not designed for the Windows and Mac computer.

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Install and Run Pixel Gun 3D on PC!

We implore you to learn the proper Installation method to avoid errors and wasting time figuring out options that we are covering in the tutorial.

Step 1: Download and Install any Android emulator on your computer.

Pixel 3D Memu Player

Step 2: Create a New Google account by clicking on new.

C:\Users\Winwows 7\Pictures\2.png

Step 3: Now, enter your first name and the last name.

C:\Users\Winwows 7\Pictures\3.png

Step 4: It’s time to choose a username.

C:\Users\Winwows 7\Pictures\4.png

Step 5: It’s time to add a strong password to your new Google account.

C:\Users\Winwows 7\Pictures\5.png

Step 6: Make sure to check the “Backup and Restore,” but you can leave the second one unchecked because you don’t need it anyway.

C:\Users\Winwows 7\Pictures\6.png

Step 7:  Google will contact the servers to create a new account.

C:\Users\Winwows 7\Pictures\7.png

Step 8: Now, type the captcha to confirm that you are not a robot.

C:\Users\Winwows 7\Pictures\8.pngStep 9: No need to add your Paypal account, or your credit card information because Pixel Gun 3D is a free game, and if required in future, then you can add a credit card later on. The Google account set up is complete!

C:\Users\Winwows 7\Pictures\9.pngStep 10: Now, Go to Google play store from the dashboard, and search for “Pixel Gun 3D” game, and click on Install. The game won’t install, and we will tell you how to fix it.

C:\Users\Winwows 7\Pictures\10.pngStep 11: Go back to the Google play store, and search for “Pixel Gun 3D” again.

C:\Users\Winwows 7\Pictures\17.pngStep 12: Click on the game, and then click on “Install” which will open the permissions notification, and click on the “ACCEPT” to begin downloading the game.

C:\Users\Winwows 7\Pictures\18.pngStep 13: The game will download, and your download speed performance will be tested here.

C:\Users\Winwows 7\Pictures\19.pngStep 14: Launch the game, and you can play with basic controllers.

But, wait!

Step 15: Click on the icon we have highlighted on the menu, and drag the Joystick icon from the top.

C:\Users\Winwows 7\Pictures\21.png

Step 16: Now, drag the Joystick icon to the game controller, and you can resize it as well, just like we have done in this tutorial.

Pixel Gun 3D online

Step 17: Now, go back to the controller icons, and click on the second one, which you should to make controllers for the game.

Step 18: Drag and drop the icon to the JUMP control, and hit on it, then click an “SPACE” button on the empty field. I think, space button common and easy button for jumping.

Pixel Gun 3D on Android Emulator

Step 19: Click on the highlighted icon, and then a small confirmation window will pop-up on your screen, and you have to click on “SAVE.

The virtual keyboard controllers will help you control the game from your Windows and Mac PC.

Step 20: You can control the game from your keyboard, and the shooting experience improves.

Step 21: Give your new profile a new name, and then begin your Pixel Gun 3D journey.

Pixel Gun 3D

We would like to inform you that you can use the traditional controllers to navigate the game. But, the smooth experience might be missing, so follow the last simple tutorial to complete the keyboard navigation settings.

  •  Now, open the keyboard controllers from the sidebar menu, and click on “A” to set new controls for your game.

Pixel Gun 3D

  • We have set custom keyboard keys for every function to navigate the game, and allow us to tell you what keys we have selected for each function.

Up: W, Down: S, Left side: A, Right side: D, To check the players: TAB key, Jump: SPACE button, For buying weapons: U, For chat: C, and switching between weapons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

We selected these keys for games like Call of Duty (all editions), Battlefield, Counterstrike 1.6 (all editions), Global Offensive, and more.

Pixel Gun 3D on Mac

For Mac, Steps are same but you have to download Emulator for Mac.


Those who are unable to install an Android emulator on your unsupported Windows PC, then you can download the Pixel Gun for Windows, which enables a regular user to play the game on Windows PC. Keep in mind that Pixel Gun for Windows may not give you the same experience as 3D version, but it’s worth your time.

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