How to Remove Chromium Malware From PC

Google Chrome is one of the popular browsers in the world, and they have allowed the world to use the resources and codes to build their own web browsers. It isn’t something new for the big time player because they have also allowed the Android OS to become open-source, so anyone can improve it, and that’s how we have Android emulators.

Chromium developed from Google Chrome open-source project, and I don’t have any out that it works like the latest browser. However, there’s more to the Chromium browser because it does more than providing an improved version of the browser.

Chromium browser is a Malware and the world has recognized it as potential Malware.

How To Remove Chromium browser from Windows?

Even though it is a malware, but it developed on the simple principle, and the original developers did not improvise it, so they can avoid detection or false positive malware. Allow us to show you how you can remove the Chromium browser from your Windows 10 machine.

I have detected it on my Windows version many times, then remove it immediately and the method works on any version of Chromium, and it works on any Windows OS.

Step 1: Open the task manager, and you will find the Chromium browser running in the background even after you have closed it.

remove chromium

Step 2: Now, you have to select it, and right-click the mouse to “open file location.”

remove chromium from computer

Step 3: The explorer.exe and the whole folder is the destination folder that consists of the core installation files.

Chromium folder

Step 4: You have to select it, and right-click the mouse to “end task” every single Chromium.exe file in the task manager. You have to do it a little faster without stopping a second because it has the ability to regenerate or re-open the exe file immediately.

Remove chromium

Step 5: You have to make sure that there is no trace of the browser in the task manager.

remove chrmium from PC

Step 6: Now, go back to the destination folder, and drag & drop the chromium.exe into the recycle bin. Yes, you have to do it because it is a launcher, and the browser won’t load or start without a launcher, so we can eliminate the rest of the files slowly.

Remove chromium

Step 7: Now, you have to CTRL + A to select all files, and send them to recycle bin.

Remove chromium Folder From Computer

Step 8: Now, click on back, and you will find “data & explorer” folder, and you have to send them to the recycle bin. If you get any warning message or confirmation notification, then click on “YES.” Don’t worry, “data & explorer” folder are Chromium browser files, and deleting them won’t affect your computer.

unwanted chromium Files

Step 9: Go back again, and you will find “game bot” folder in the local explorer, and it is a malware folder as well with hidden files in it, so you have to send it to the recycle bin as well.

Chromium remove

The folder names might be different, but you have to delete them until you are in your computer name > AppData > Local, and this is where core programs files exist.

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What is Chromium Browser Malware?

I think, everyone should learn about it, so they can avoid making the same mistake again, and I would reveal the truth about this malware.

  1. Chromium is a Google’s project, and it isn’t malware at all. Google launched it in 2010, so everyone can take advantage of the research and build something great out of it. But, there are good and bad people in the world. The bad people used the reputation of the Google’s Chromium open-source project. Google stands for trust, and that’s the advantage bad developers took it from the reputation.
  2. The developers with evil intent masked the Malware in the Chromium browser, and they planted Malware and Adware that no one can detect it, and even Antivirus programs have issues dealing with it.
  3. The browser developed to impact your computer performance, so they can advertise you “PC fix” programs that comes with a price. Yes, they run advertisements that solely based on selling you something.
  4. I have mentioned above that they feed you advertisements within the browser, and they either get the commission for each sale, or they get paid for displaying the advertisements.
  5. It consumes a lot of RAM and Processor speed, and you can check it in the task manager, and closing them won’t help at all. Because, then the launcher will immediately start after a few minutes, and it’s designed to do repeat it.

Computer performance

6. The original developers have connections that help them make money by stealing your personal information like Name, Age, Gender, Email address, Credit card details, and god knows what they collect and do with it.

7. They also plant other malware’s like if someone from their community pays them a few bucks, then they will gladly plant malware when you connect the computer to the Internet.

Removing is the best option, and we have already shown you how to do it without any issues.

How Chromium Malware Enters in the Computer?

It is a shocking truth on how they get inside of your computer without your consent.

First of all, this malware masked program is a legit browser that does not get detected easily. The developers have designed it like any other program, but they removed the uninstall button, and it’s legal.

The second thing that you need to know that they don’t enter your computer by a suspicious email, or virus infected USB drive, or external hard disk. Yes, no one can Install a legit program suspiciously and without your consent.

So, how it enters your computer?

I have found it, and it was really shocking to me as well after I discovered the source of it.

1: Chromium developers have a lot of money. Yes, they’ve got plenty to spend on advertisements.

2: They approach freeware software like CCleaner, PC Fix programs, Power ISO, and other free tools.

3: These freeware companies need money to operate the software company.

4: The evil developers pay them tons of money to Install these add-ons along with original software.

I have found Power ISO forced Installed it on my computer even after I have deselected it.

Power ISO installed ByteFence and Chromium by force. Yes, they get Installed while you are trying to use the free software’s and be careful when you try these so-called free software.


Never download or even try any version of Chromium on the Internet, and use Immunet free Antivirus program, and Malwarebytes free version to protect your PC. Let us know what do you think about Chromium malware in the comment section below.

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