5 Best Remote Desktop Connection Managers

System Administrator uses remote desktop connection manager on a daily basis, and they use it to connect to the clients or customers computers or servers via SSH or telnet connections. Many small network based companies use it to provide troubleshooting services to the customers or clients servers, and main computers.

You can establish connections manually using Windows and Mac OS X computers, but it is a hassle for the clients, and the customer feel that the process is a major pain. Manual jobs are not good for business when you have customers on the other end with little to no technical knowledge.

It isn’t common for software companies to connect to the computer remotely 25 times a day, and you cannot enter credentials 25 times a day to assist your clients in dealing with the problems.

It is one of the contributing reasons, why we have remote desktop connection managers in the web market.

First of all, it saves plenty of time and it makes your life easier, and It also helps the users on the other side as well.

We have compiled a list of the best remote connection manager.

1. Windows Remote Connection Manager

I know that many of you are thinking that why do we need Windows default remote connection manager? Microsoft has improved it in Windows 10 latest edition, so you can manage remote connections without any issues.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

In short, if you handle less than 10 connection per day, and your clients or customers are using Windows, then this is an amazing tool that you should give it a shot.

Make sure to give the Windows 10 version a try because it comes with many features like you can save connected computers, and you never have to type the credentials again.

Download | Free

2. DameWare Mini Remote Control

Damware is a powerful tool used by the help desk staff to provide support to the customers and clients around the world. The RDP connection manager connections allow you to share the screen, and it is something that doesn’t work in other managers, and this is also the best solution for the servers.

DameWare Mini Remote Control

It supports cross-platform like Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. It comes with a secure file transfer protocol, so you can protect yourself while transferring the files. You have the ability to lock out the keyboard of the users. You can even edit the BIOS settings to make changes, and remotely wake up the computer via LAN connection.

Download | $149 | 30-days trial version for enterprise users.

3. RoyalTS Remote Control

RoyalTS is unique and cost less compared to others, and it offers RDP, SSH, VNC, web-based interfaces, and S/FTP. You have the ability to save the already connected connections in the credential manager. There is a team sharing option that allows you to share the list of connections to your team. You can enable the command sequence to improve your work and use streamline workflows to manage a variety of connections.

RoyalTS Remote Control

RoyalTS used by professionals around the world because it offers web-based interfaces with reliable support & features. The good part is that if you have any problem with the existing features, then you can Google it for solutions, and you can find many answers in the forums.

However, the RoyalTS is not for regular people because you have to spend a lot of time in understanding the options and using the features. It might simple when you take a quick look at it, but it is a little bit complicated after you get started with it.

I recommend you to try the trial version and test the features without any limitations, and also you will learn about the challenges and difficulties.

Download | $111 for an individual license.

4. Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager

Devolutions offer a free version and paid enterprise edition, and you can download them for free of cost. Devolutions developed it carefully and they have added centralize credentials to help you save the credentials of the already connected machines.

You can manage the remote connections, and passwords at the same time, and it will allow you to transfer files via the secure line. It comes with a mobile device app that allows you to manage servers and desktops without any issues.

Devolutions Remote Desktop Manage

It has a Role-Based security system that enables you to protect the servers and desktop connections from outside interference. It has Two-Factor Authentication that adds two layers of protection when confirming the connection, so you don’t have to worry about the third-party to monitor the changes to the servers. There is also an option that enables you to check the audit reports, and regular reports.

Download | Free Version

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5. mRemoteNG

mRemoteNG is a multi-remote connection next generation manager, but they have a slow development cycle. It is a centralized tool designed to manage remote desktops, servers, and systems. The developers have designed to support multiple connections protocols like HTTP/HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), ICA (Citrix Independent Computing Architecture), VNC (Virtual Network Computing), Telnet (TELecommunication NETwork), SSH (Secure Shell), Raw Socket Connections, RDP (Remote Desktop/Terminal Server, and rlogin.


In case, if you want to connect multiple servers and desktops, then you can open the TAB feature that allows you to switch from one window to another in a click. It has a full-screen mode with the auto-login feature. The auto-login only works when you save the connections in the credentials manager.

It also has a group feature that enables you to create a group and add preferred connections in the list, so you can filter them into folders like HTTP/HTTPS connections. The developers take a lot of time to update the programs, and they released a stable version last year, and they have launched the prerelease to check for errors.

They have an active Reddit page, so you can get quick answers within the community, and it is an active community.

Download | Free


I know that some of them offer free editions, and some of the paid ones, but we have compiled this list for those who want to use it individually. But, DameWare and RoyalTS offer paid services that are designed for enterprise companies.

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