[SOLVED] PS4 controller not charging? Make it work like a charm again!

Gamers cannot handle the pain of the PS4 controller not charging when they are set to fight against another clan in the next few moments. One of the most common issues with the PS4 dual-shock that they stop charging after a while. There are too many contributing reasons behind it, and we are going to provide you with a few reasons that will help you solve the problem.

You should try the solutions before considering buying a new one.

Try every solution one-by-one, and don’t skip one solution for another because we have assigned each solution to increase your chances of success.

1. Overheated PS4 Controller

It does not matter if you are using an Electric vehicle, Computer, Smartphone, and PS4 controller. Every gadget requires times to cool down because they go through electric cycles in every part throughout their journey and they need time to recuperate from the heating.

Gamers don’t realize the time they have spent playing and the number of hours you put pressure on the game controller – it gets heated up causing the controller to stop functioning. The manufacturer does it on purpose because they don’t want to fry the chip inside.

You can take Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Motherboard manufacturers, and chip manufacturers add safety measures that disable all features when the product heats up more than limits added to it.

1: Are you using for a long time without giving it a rest?

2: Is your room temperature higher than 35 degrees?

3: You are charging it while using it?

If your answer is YES, then you should unplug the PS4 controller for fifteen minutes to half an hour.

The build may cool down, but the core parts don’t cool down that easily. Give the controller an hour to cool down the entire build.

2. Charge PS4 Controller Upside down

It might sound a little silly, but charging your PS4 upside down can fix your problem. The PS4 dual-shock gaming controller had many challenges in the past, and the company engineers had to compromise on a couple of things, and charging upside down does help your battery to charge again.

The gravitational force changes and it impacts the battery chain reaction, and it helps the battery to change differently. The solution has worked for many people who were suffering from the same problem, and it has worked for many years.

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3. PS4 Controller Cable Issue

The PS4 controller comes with a cable that is the most neglected accessory in the box. Gamers don’t take care of their cables health, and then it wears down even faster than they were built to last longer. Despite trying the last two solutions and it doesn’t work, and then try to test your existing charging cable with another PS4 controller. If the second PS4 controller charges normally, then you should get a replacement cable.

Note: You should not push your charging cable by twisting it and try to keep it in a dry place to increase the lifespan.

4. Reset PS4 Controller

Software programmes PS4 Controller, and sometimes the software does become a problem to the hardware. One wrong setting can stop function of the PS4 Controller properly, and then you should begin with fixing your PS4 controller settings.

Restoring the settings to defaults may help, but resetting the PS4 controller would solve the problem.

1: Unplug your PS4 controller and then plug your controller back.

2: Now turn your PS4 controller backward, and you will be able to see a small hole beside the screws.

3: You can use a toothpick, and you can press a little harder and hold for 30 seconds.

The controller will begin to reset, and you will be able to see the changes on your screen. Make sure you are not holding the reset button longer than 30 seconds.

5. PS4 Controller Battery Change

PS4 Controller comes with a Lithium-Ion battery that comes with a specific number of the life cycle. Sony has added their latest technology in the battery as well, but when you overuse it, then your PS4 controller battery life may decrease, and you may have to replace it with a new battery.

The Lithium-ion batteries do not last for a longer period if not used properly. You should not overcharge it and make sure that the battery does not reach 100% and charge to 90%. You should also not let the battery to reach 1% because the battery loses the momentum and it can cause short lifespan.


PS4 Controller not charging may give you a little trouble, but make sure to follow our solutions and give an honest shot. If nothing works, then you should buy a new pair of PS4 controller Dual-shock controller.

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