How to fix BSoD ‘Critical structure corruption’ in Windows

critical structure corruption windows 10

So you were working on your computer and in a matter of seconds your computer shut itself down and then you were presented with a blue screen with some text given on it and stating either the name or code of the error, so let me enlighten you. You were hit by one of the … Read more

Show Hidden Files in Windows Simple Guide

how to show hidden files

By default settings, there are various important files that are hidden in your operating system in order to prevent you from accidentally deleting them leading to you causing damage to your computer. But there are various reasons that might lead you to want to see these files such as changing certain settings in order to … Read more

Check Prepaid Card status Easy Method!

Prepaid Card

Nowadays Plastic Currency is gaining popularity as we all know, with this amazing invention you can probably make purchases without even needing to tell the details of your card to your merchant, along with these cards store the amount of money that you have put in them hence resulting in almost low to none phishing or scams. … Read more