How to Open and Use Chrome Task Manager

The world is using Google Chrome, and it has defeated every major player in the market. Chrome browser packs some serious features, and it is a high-end browser available for free. I must agree that they have developed the browser for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux based operating systems.

Chrome task manager is one of the exciting feature developers team has added to it. You gain extra control over the browser elements, and you can free up space as well. You can use it to remove unnecessary files & plugins from the session.

What is the Chrome Task Manager?

Chrome task manager is a module that lists downs every element, pages, features, plugins, and add-ons running in the background. There are many .exe files it runs in the background, and we don’t have any idea about it. The task manager keeps a tab on the functions & features running in the background.

Task Manager - Google Chrome

You can use the task manager to kill the performance killer apps, functions, plugins, pages, and more. There isn’t much I am running in my copy of Chrome, and it is one of the reasons why you do not see a lot of options.

If you are a heavy user with many plugins, add-ons, and feature used, then you can find several feature running in the background.

Benefits of Chrome Task Manager:

The developers have thought of the users and added this very much needed feature for the users.

  1. It offers in-depth information on the functions.
  2. You will learn about active add-ons or elements in the task manager.
  3. In case, if you have plenty of processes running, then you can differentiate it by process id number.
  4. It leaves memory footprints, and you can find the process consumes plenty of RAM. In short, you have an opportunity to find out which feature, plugin, add-on, or process consuming RAM and end it.
  5. In case, if the process requires an internet connection, and it is consuming data, then you can find the exact numbers.
  6. In the Windows & Linux task manager, you can find the processes, but it doesn’t provide you with exact information. However, you can learn about it in the Chrome task manager. It offers full-name of the process, and you can quickly figure out.

You can end any background running process without any issues.

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How To End A Process with Google Chrome Task Manager?

Allow us to show you to end a process using the Task Manager, and it works with the latest edition of the browser.

Step 1: Click on the three-dot setting, then look for “more tools” and click on “task manager.

Chrome task manager

Step 2: You can maximize the window as well.

Step 2

Step 3: Select any process from the list. Remember, make sure that you are not choosing “browser” because it is the main engine, and killing it can cause shut down.

chrome task manager

Step 4: Select the process, and click on “end process” located at the right bottom.

End process

Step 5: Boom, the process has disappeared until next time you open it.

Step 5

The browser takes a few seconds to end it, but if it is a massive file, then you have to be patient. Make sure to wait for a while after your computer freezes.


It is one of the highly requested features by many experts around the world. You can find many processes running in Windows task manager, but you can tell process name. Now, you can learn more about the process, and end them to maintain the performance of your computer. Your browsing experience will be better, and it improves overall performance. Let us know what do you think about the Chrome task manager in the comment section below.

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