Where to read One punch Man Webcomic?

If you are a Manga fan, or if you are looking forward to reading one in the coming time, then I must say, this the exact spot you should be at. One Punch Man is indeed one of the best webcomics of all times and it does have a following that has questions like – ‘Where to read One Punch Man Webcomic at?’. So here goes our answer for the same –

What is One Punch Man Webcomic?

If you haven’t heard before of One Punch Man Webcomic, then let me fill you in, this website comic or more accurately ‘Manga’ has a storyline somewhat like this – A man named Saitama becomes a superhero for fun but does not get credit for his work. He can finish off powerful enemies with just one punch and hence the name – One Punch Man.

Let me tell you that, One Punch Man Webcomic 2nd Season is coming out in April 2019. You can read One Punch Man webcomic over Netflix as well. To share with you the information about where else can you read Mangas, mentioned below are a few sites to read One Punch Man webcomic –

Disclaimer: The article provided here is only for knowledge purpose. We do not encourage any copyright or pirated material. You can read the contents from their official sources.

Best Sites to read One Punch Man Webcomic:

1) Manga Town


The first one on our list of best sites to read One Punch Man webcomic is the Manga Town. This site is quite a user and phone-friendly so you can easily sit back and read it wherever you would want.

The User Interface of Manga Town is pretty simple, hence even newbies can access it easily. A lot of mangas that are not easily available anywhere else have been put here. So if there is something rare or unique that you are looking for Manga Town should indeed be your first choice.

Read on Manga town

2) Kiss Manga

Kiss Manga

If registering or creating an account over manga sites is what you do not like then kiss Manga is made for you! The users are not asked to create an account. There are old as well as new comics, Anime, Movies, Asian shows, Manga and a lot more to watch and read.

Over this site, you can read Manga on one page, with no next or previous buttons. The mobile version of Kiss Manga is worth giving a try.

Although you will be shown some ads, note that this site offers you services for free. In the end, they will need something to keep going on!

Read on Kiss Manga

3) MangaLife

Manga life

The next on our list of best sites to read One Punch Man Webcomic is the MangaLife. This free website lets you read manga without eve registering or having to create an account here.

So no issues regarding sharing your email or other credentials! The site has mangas categorized into various genres that make it easy for users to find what they are looking for. Some of the genres are – Action, Adventure, Thriller, Comedy, etc.

Read on MangaLife

4) WatchOPM

Watch OPM

If you are still wondering where to read One Punch Man Webcomic, then here is another free site on our list where you can hop into various other mangas than One Punch Man like The Promised Neverland, Boruto, Black Cover, Shingeki no Kyojin, etc is the WatchOPM.

Here, you will find – Special Shows, Dubbed, Manga, Anime and so on. The Manga list here is updated frequently in sync with the market. Manga available here comes in the English Language. On the mobile version, you get a night mode option.

Read on WatchOPM

5) Manga Panda

Manga panda

If you want a more wide range of mangas having more gamut then Manga Panda is what you have to choose. This website does not display any categories until you search for one.

This is a great stop for all the latest Manga in the market. The interface os this site is somewhat traditional and familiar – next and previous page type.

The bad part about this site is that there will be pop-ups after a few minutes. But they do update their list within a period of a day of the original release.

Read on Manga Panda

6) Read MS/ Manga Stream

Read MS/ Manga Stream

Another site to jump into free comics and manga is the Read MS or Manga Stream. The URL, as has been changed earlier, could be changed in the future as well. With a few ads, you can read Manga Series for free here.

For the latest Manga, this is a great spot to be but I doubt they have old Manga for the readers. The interface has Page 1 – Page 100 Navigation. It runs much faster on a Latest device.

Read on MS/ Manga Stream

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7) Fan Fox

Fan Fox

Another popular website where you can read Manga, comics and other stuff for free is the Fan Fox. All the known Manga can be found here. But if less popular Manga is what you are searching for, this isn’t the site you should visit.

The interface here too is like Manga Panda and other similar sites – Previous and Nest page/ button. This site holds an amazing collection of Manga that includes – My Hero Academy, One Piece, One Punch Man, Boruto, Haikyuu, etc.

Read on Fan Fox

8) Manga Reader

Manga Reader

Next one on our list of best websites to read One Punch Man is the Manga Reader which is a free site. You do not need to create an account to use this site. So as to make it easy for the reader to choose, the site classifies Manga into various sections like – Experience, Dream, Activity, etc.

You can get the Manga Reader App from Google Play Store for Android devices.

Read on Manga Reader

9) Manga Box

Manga Box

This Japanese Manga service provider website has a huge collection of Mangas, and all for free! The best part of this site is that it has a special app for Android as well as iOS devices.

This is a local website. Hence, you may not get One Punch Man here but you will definitely find other popular and especially local Mangas on this site. Even though this is a local website, it does have multi-language support for users all around the globe.

Read on Manga Box

10) Manga Rock

Manga Rock

Another user-friendly, simple UI providing site is the Manga Rock. If you want to stay a step ahead of everybody else, this site will help you in doing so. Most of the new chapters are released here before the other websites.

Read on Manga Rock


That was it about the One Punch Man Webcomic, where to read One Punch Man Webcomic and the best sites to read One Punch Man. I assume you have picked the right site for yourselves.

Every site mentioned here is just better than the other and most highlighting part is that all of them offer free services, so you do not have to spend anything!

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