Where to read One punch Man Webcomic?

One Punch Man anime series is one of the most appreciated & watched shows in the anime universe. One Punch Man season one had only 12 episodes in it, and the aired Oct 5, 2015, to Dec 21, 2015. Unfortunately, the season two has not released since 2015, and there are talks that the anime version released by 2019.

The major reason for the delay is that the producers of the show are waiting for the manga series to sell and make profits out of it. No anime production allowed to release the shows until the manga is ahead of the anime series.

In short, if you cannot wait for the anime, then you can read the One Punch Man Webcomic because it has all upcoming anime episodes stories in it. You will also find the illustrations & drawings in the episodes.

What is One Punch Man Webcomic?

One Punch Man is an anime show and comic book written by the Japanese writer Yamada Reiji. The story is about the man who became a superhero for fun, and he does not get the attention & credit for his work. Saitama (the main character) can finish off the strongest opponents with one punch, and that is why the show called “One Punch Man.”

Webcomic: We have split the two words “WEB” & “COMIC.” The web stands for the website, the comic stands for comic books, and the Japanese people call it “Manga.”

In short, you can read a comic book (Manga for Japanese) on a website, and you can read the One Punch Man Webcomic.

Do you know where you can watch One Punch Man Webcomic?

We have compiled a list of websites that you can access from mobile, tablet, and computer without any restrictions around the world. The list contains websites that have the entire One Punch Man Webcomic manga series with viewing capabilities. A few websites in the list offer only download option, and you need a PDF viewer or image viewer to read the manga.

1. Fan Fox

Fan fox is one of the popular websites to read manga & comics. You can find a wide range of collections from the site like the latest shows Boruto, One Punch Man, One Piece, My Hero Academy, and several other latest anime shows. You can also read manga series like Haikyuu latest mange series without paying a single penny. Fan fox also is known as manga fox and they have very easy to understand interface, and you can search for the comic and start reading the latest edition.


  1. You can read comics or manga free without any subscription plan.
  2. You can read the latest edition for the week or month within 24-hours of the original release date.
  3. You can find popular manga, and you may not find the least popular manga series.
  4. You have to search for the anime and click on the edition, and start reading it.
  5. It has the traditional Previous page, Next page interface.

Read One Punch Man Webcomic on Fan Fox | OLD Link

2. Manga Panda

Manga Panda is another popular Japanese manga site, but they have English translated comics on the site. They do not publish Japanese language manga, and it is the original comic in the first place. You can find various types of the manga’s on the site, and you can browse from the category. The most interesting part of the Manga Panda is that they take only 24-hours of the period to publish the English translated comic series on the site. The annoying part of the Manga Panda is that they use pop-up advertisements as monetization to make enough funds to manage the site.

  1. Browse from categories.
  2. You can find almost every comic released in the market today.
  3. They update the list within 24-hours of the period of the original release.
  4. Pop-up ads are the most annoying part of the site, but it only happens once in a few minutes.
  5. The viewer is the traditional one, and you have the Previous page, Next page interface.

Read One Punch Man Webcomic from Manga Panda

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3. Kiss Manga

Kiss Manga is an operated by the “KISS” franchise, and they run multiple websites that allow you to watch Anime, Manga, Asian shows, Movies, and more. Yes, you can browse from millions of old & new manga series like latest One Punch Man series, and Naruto Shippuden series, and more. They feed you advertisements, but it is because they offer the services free without you paying a single penny on the service.


  1. You can read old & new comic series without paying a penny.
  2. They feed your pop-up advertisements & display ads as monetization, but they will not bug you while reading it. The display ads on the Kiss Manga will not work on a mobile device.
  3. They have a mobile version, and I can tell you that it is one of the best one because it is lightweight & does not slow you down.
  4. Unlike the traditional previous & next button, you can read the manga in one page.
  5. The management of the Kiss Mange update the list within half an hour of the official release, and they are good at tracking it & updating it immediately.
  6. They have translated English version manga on the site.

Kiss Anime does not work with mini browsers like Opera, but you can use mobile browsers and add /M after the domain.

Read One Punch Man Webcomic from Kiss Manga

4. Read MS

Read MS originally known as manga stream, where you can read comics free of cost. Read MS is one of the popular websites that offer manga reading for free of subscriptions. They have changed the domain URL from manga stream to Read MS due to several reasons, and you can expect them to change the URL again as well.


  1. You can read the latest manga series for free of cost, but they will feed you few display advertisements.
  2. They use traditional Page 1 – Page 100 navigation at the top menu, and I like it. It is extremely to use.
  3. The website loads faster on 3G networks, but 2G networks have to be a little patient.
  4. You can find the latest manga, but we doubt that there is a list of old manga series from a decade ago.
  5. It is a responsive design so that you can read the comics in mobile as well, and it will work faster with the latest devices.

Read One Punch Man Webcomic from Read MS

5. WatchOPM

There is a dedicated website WatchOPM (watch onepunch man) that allows you to watch Anime, Manga, Dubbed, Subbed, Special shows, OVA, and more. Anything related to the One Punch Man Webcomic found in the WatchOPM. The dedicated sites offer better content than other sites because they focus only on one anime than multiple contents.


  1. You can read One Punch Man anime & manga on the website.
  2. They update the manga list, whenever there is the latest release available in the market.
  3. It is a mobile friendly site with night mode turned on, so you can avoid eyestrain.
  4. The manga is available in English language, so anyone can read it without worrying about the translation.
  5. You do not have to worry about the finding the latest developments because you will find it on the site. The navigation is single page manga viewer, so you don’t have to click on next page every time.

Read One Punch Man Webcomic on WatchOPM


Keep in mind that every website we have mentioned does not charge you a single penny, so do not pay anything if they change the policies. Remember, advertisements are running on the site, so do not click on them if you find any interesting. Let us know what do you think about One Punch Man webcomic in the comment section below.

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