No Bootable Device Found Working Solution (Easiest)

You were hit by an error stating ‘No boot device available‘ and hence do not know as to what you should do now. First of all don’t worry, because in this article I am going to tell you how you can fix this issue as there are a few solutions that can solve it. But before that, you should learn a little about this problem.

What causes this error?

In simple words, this error occurs when your computer is not able to find your hard drive, that is the hard disk also called HDD. The hard drive is where all of the data that your computer has is stored which includes your images, videos, and Windows OS.

So if your computer no longer doesn’t have access to the hard drive then it means it does not have access to your OS thus it is no longer able to work.

How the error is seen?

In order to solve the issue, we first must know as to what the issue is. As the error is displayed with varying text so I will be listing below a few of the common ways it has been observed.

  1. No boot device found; press any key to reboot the system
  2. No boot device found
  3. No boot device available USB/UEFI
  4. No boot device is detected
  5. No boot device available due to keyboard failure(If this is shown then you should try reconnecting your keyboard after disconnecting it or replace it as it would solve the problem)
  6. No Boot Device is Available hence current boot mode is set to BIOS
  7. No boot device connected/found/selected/detected
  8. No boot device SSD(This issue can be solved by simply changing the BIOS settings)

We have now identified the issue, therefore we will now be able to fix this. Just follow the methods that I am leaving below. You might have to try them all just keep trying them one by one until one fixes your error.

For more details, you can read this answer on Tom’s Guide.

Methods to solve this error:

Method #1-

Run the automatic repair by using a Windows 10 DVD. Put in the Windows 10 disk in the disk player and reboot the system. After the computer has started, you will be seeing a Windows Setup Page, Click next to move forward. After that select, the Repair your Computer option followed by selecting Troubleshoot then Advanced options button and finally Automatic repair button. Let the process complete.

After the completion, reboot your device but remember this time to do so without the Windows Disk.

If the error still persists then simply follow the next method.

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Method #2-

In this method turn on your computer in Safe Mode if you are not able to access it normally.

After this in the search bar that is present in the Start Menu, type ‘Troubleshooter’ and hit enter.

fix no bootable device found

After that select Windows Update followed by clicking on the Run the troubleshooter button. Let the process finish. After that try rebooting into normal mode if the error still is present then follow the next method.

Method #3-

Perform an SFC scan. If you do not know how to do so simply follow the instructions.

First of all press the Windows key and simultaneously, and select Command Prompt (Admin).

no bootable device found windows 10

Now in the command prompt type sfc /scannow and press the enter button. The scan will now start.

After the scan has completed, check that if the error is still seen by simply restarting the device.

Method #4

If you are seeing this error after you had a BIOS update, then the problem could be related to your BIOS, as this is reported by a number of users. So now you have to switch from BIOS to UEFI.

This is a very simple process, and to do this task, enter your BIOS and then change a setting.

There are a number of different versions of BIOS and hence, I recommend you to check your motherboard manual in order to switch to UEFI permanently. After this check again by rebooting your computer if the error still persists.

Method #5

Check all the cables that are connected to your computer.

If you see that any single one is lost then simply insert it properly and then check for the error again as lose cables are sometimes also the cause of this error. Do remember that before checking and connecting all the wires in your computer, you must unplug your computer and shut it off properly.

Also check for the SATA cables as some users have also reported this problem because the cables were not connected to their motherboards properly.

no bootable device found dell inspiron

So after connecting everything properly check that if the issue is solved by rebooting the PC. It is now highly unlikely if the problem still persists. But if it does then we still got a couple of more tricks in the box. Follow the next method.

Method #6

There are users who have reported that the issue was resolved once they disconnected their USB Peripherals, hence I would suggest that if you have connected a USB to your computer then disconnect it and check if the problem is solved.

Also, the keyboard or the mouse can be the cause of this problem so disconnect those and reboot your computer, and if the problem is solved then replace your devices as they could be the cause of the issue.

no bootable device found acer

Method #7

This error also appears when the hard drive of your device is not set to be the first boot device.

  • In order to fix this simply go to Boot section present in BIOS, in there find First boot device setting and then set it as your hard drive.
  • Additionally, change the boot mode from UEFI to Legacy and then check again too if the issue is solved.

We hope these methods should have solved the issue. If it didn’t, comment below so that we can assist you.

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