10 Best Free Mouse Recorder for PC

Macro Automation Software is also is known as Mouse Reader that allows you to record the repetitive tasks on your computer. The advanced technology of the Mouse Reader helps you to transfer the substantial data without the assistance of service provider or a programmer.

The mouse reader records your movements like keystrokes, clicks, basic automating tasks, and more, and it helps you to create a refined macro script for playback. Many software companies offer free & paid version of mouse reader or Macro Automaton Software.

We have compiled a list of mouse reader, so you can enjoy the best of what the world has to offer to make your life easy.

1. AutoIT

AutoIT designed to assist the Windows users in recording the mouse movements, and it is free automation software that helps you complete a task faster. The AutoIT runs on a script file that helps you to take on the task like Windows apps, DOS commands, CMD commands, etc. The recorded data helps you to activate, enable, disable, hiding, minimize, and more.

AutoIT offers advanced features like automating plaintexts, modifying the registry, string operations, clipboard tasks, and more. The automation software may look a little difficult to handle at first, but the developers designed it to help the beginners as well. By spending half an hour playing around with the features and functions, you can master the controls.


2. Pulovers Macro Creator

Pulovers Macro Creator is an advanced mouse recorder that based on an open-source project. It is an amazing automation tool and scriptwriting software that enables you to record inputs, and it comes with automation commands.

Pulovers Macro Creator does more than just recording your keystrokes, and it records other actions like Windows, Strings, Images, Files, Clicks, and more. It is an open-source project, so you don’t have to pay a single penny on it, but the developers have not updated it since 2016, and I think, it might have been discontinued. However, the program is lightweight, and it does not impact your computer performance.


3. vTask

vTask is the lightweight free automation software that file size is only 33KB, and it is the lightest mouse recorder in the list. First of all, it is a free automation tool that scanned for virus & malware by the CNET, and the developers releasing frequent updates for the latest edition of the Windows 10. The interface is small for those who are running 1920x1080P displays, so you might struggle to view the graphical stats. The vTask offers mouse record & playback, but it has only six buttons that help you to record, adjust the playback, and open the recordings. You have the option to change the playback speed and hotkeys. The software designed specifically for individuals who do lightweight work and beginners.


4. Mini Mouse Macro

Mini Mouse Macro is a lightweight macro automation software designed to record your mouse actions and keyboard inputs, and the playback tools. The developers have designed it for the beginners so that anyone can enjoy the features and tools of the mouse recorder. The official developers designed portable mouse recorder, and you don’t need to Install it on your Windows PC, and you have to store it in a location and run it as you please.

The main purpose of the Mini Mouse Macro that you can carry it in your removable device like USB device, so you don’t have to Install it various platforms to use it. Another good part of the portable mouse reader that it does not leave any registries, and junk in your C: partition.

It does everything a mouse reader designed to do, and it does not land in the system tray, but it remains on your screen by default. It can save keystrokes, view the time, animations, save macros to files, change speed, create scripts, and it responds faster.


5. AutoHotKey

The name AutoHotKey suggest automating mouse clicks and keystrokes, and it is developed to record your mouse clicks, and keystrokes. It records almost everything like web address, home address, adjust volume, converts a keyboard to the joystick, and more. You can create hotkeys for various purposes like keyboard, joysticks, remote, and mouse. In case, if you want to adjust the volume via hotkey, then you can do it, and it also allows you to set the windows to “always-on-top”, and it won’t minimize until you select it.

It is a lightweight program that developed to function on various Windows platforms, and it’s based on open-source platform, so it is a free tool, and make sure to scan it with your antivirus program before using it.


6. MacroMaker

MacroMaker is an old player in the web market, and it was launched in 2006 to help create all types of macros. The MacroMaker is an advanced tool developed for the experienced players, and it might not suit a beginner because it is complicated to understand, but if you spend a week learning it here and there, then you can manage to use it properly. You can record the easiest task to advanced tasks within a moment, and it records all tasks smoothly, and it is an expert at recording keystrokes & mouse movements. You can playback any recorded data, and you can use the customizable keyboard shortcuts to manage it.


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7. GNU Xnee

GNU Xnee is an advanced tool that the developers have designed it, so they can provide all known options that every mouse recorder tool can have it. The tool specifically designed it to record mouse actions, keyboard actions, replay mouse actions, and replay keyboard actions, and the developers have claimed that it is an advanced robot. The program has tested on the X11 applications, and it fits perfectly into the category of the mouse recorder.

The interesting part is that it is based on the open-source project, so you don’t need to pay for it, and you are allowed to make necessary changes to it without anyone permission.


8. Macro Tool Works

Macro Tool Works is a software developing company that launched Macro ToolWorks Free, and they also offer the free Macro player. The company advertised free, standard and professional, and it is an advanced tool that takes care of the automation process. The tool can record your mouse, clicks, Windows apps, DOS commands, CMD commands, FTP’s, Emails, Employing Windows, Variables, and more.

Unfortunately, the free version has limits, and you are allowed to use the basic macro commands, and it should be enough for the basic users. It records basic things like mouse movements, keyboard inputs, playback functionalities, and more.


9. Do It Again 1.6

Do It Again 1.6 version offers basic commands and recording abilities, and it offers to record the repetitive tasks with playback functionalities. It comes with pre-defined programs, so you can operate the computer when you are away from the keyboard, and it eliminates manual work. It offers other features like enabling the antivirus programs, enables security programs, check new emails in the inbox, launch programs, and back up your files in the local storage. The developers have designed it carefully, so the beginners don’t have to struggle to learn it. In short, if you spend a day or two learning it, then you can use it like a PRO.


10. Ghost Mouse

Ghost Mouse designed for the beginners, and it is probably the only mouse recorder in the list that offers simple functions and options for the beginners. In short, any beginner can use it as a CD Player, and you don’t have to worry about complex options. It is designed for mouse movements, keystrokes, drag-and-drop actions, right clicks, and more.

It offers three-button interface so that you can navigate it smoothly, and you get features like replicate user actions, save the script, customize commands like pause command Ctrl+Alt, and more. Ghost Mouse is a free tool that does not has any limitations, and you can easily record in a few clicks, and make good use of it. The developer takes time to update the core files of the Ghost Mouse, but you can request changes and modifications to the developer on the official page. You don’t have to worry about the tool plagued by the virus and malware because CNET has reviewed it and the set-up file is available on the safest software website CNET.

You don’t have to worry about the compatibility as well because the developer has designed it for Windows 7 and Windows 8, so Windows 10 users don’t have to struggle to use it.


How To Enable Compatibility in Windows 10?

There are a few mouse recorders that do not support Windows 10 latest build version and allow us to show you how you can enable the compatibility on Windows 10 PC.

Step 1: Right-click mouse, and click on “properties.”

mouse recorder

Step 2: The properties tab looks like it, and click on compatibility.

compatibility in windows 10

Step 3: Now, click on the “run this program in compatibility mode.” You can select the operating system like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

mouse recorder

Step 4: Now, click on the “apply”, and then click on “ok.”

mouse recorder

The compatibility mode won’t damage your PC, so utilise the feature without the fear of damage.


In case, if the new build version does not support any of the mouse recorders, then you can use the compatibility issues. Let us know what do you think about the macro recorders in the comment section below.

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