Top 6 Internet speed meter apps for pc

You are downloading an important file from the internet, and you realize the download and upload quota has reached the limit, then you are left in the middle of the download. One of the biggest problems is that you may not recover the downloaded file because it stopped halfway. The Internet service providers add a limit to your package, and additional data may cost you premium charges.

It wouldn’t come as a surprise that in many countries Internet service providers cannot offer unlimited data plans and we end up sticking with the dial-up connection and home internet packages with FUP. In such cases, it is ideal that you monitor the data and internet speed so that you can use it wisely.

Monitoring the bandwidth, Internet speed, and data consumption would put you in a better position, and if you are a student with a tight budget, then it would help you greatly.

Allow us to suggest you some of the best Internet speed meters for PC and let me tell you that bandwidth meters are one of the best Internet speed meters because they show you Internet speed real-time.

1. FreeMeter Bandwidth Monitor

FreeMeter Bandwidth Monitor isn’t complicated as it looks and it is a lightweight tool that helps to analysis and monitors your network speed. The interface designed for the beginners, so you won’t have any trouble navigating it. The tool is open-source software that allows you to the real-time visual representation of download and uploads data from the main panel.

Internet Speed Meter

  1. The UI is straightforward.
  2. Graphical presentation of data usage.
  3. You can store it on a USB device and use it on any other machine
  4. It does not leave any junk behind like registries and cache.
  5. It comes with features like Email service, URL Grabber, UPnP NAT, Traceroute, and cycling colors.
  6. You can monitor the internet speed real-time

Compatibility: It supports Windows 98 to Windows 10.

2. BitMeter OS

BitMeter is an open source tool built for the Windows, macOSX, and Linux based operating systems. You can use the tool to find out the internet usage and speed via visual representation through a command line. You can get the internet data usage in different charts and graphs on the web interface.

Internt speed meter for pc

  1. It is freeware, and it supports older Windows, macOSX, and Linux machines as well.
  2. You can monitor Internet usage via graphs, charts and the tool updates the statistics every second.
  3. You can even find out the number of megabytes you have used on a specific date.
  4. It has a history window that saves internet data since the tool installed on your computer.
  5. It has an inbuilt calculator utility that allows you to calculate download and upload of a file.
  6. You can monitor internet speed real-time.

Compatibility: It supports Windows XP to Windows 10.

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3. ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter

ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter developed so you can monitor the bandwidth usage statistics. The interface of the ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter is minimal because the developer did not want to make it difficult to monitor the network traffic. You can access the ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter anytime from the system tray icon.

Internet speed

  1. It comes with an interesting feature that allows you to configure the network, when you have multiple network adapters installed on your PC like WIFI, LAN, or USB-WIFI.
  2. You can use the filter feature to separate regular internet usage and free night internet usage.
  3. It comes with a history window that allows you to take a quick look at the internet usage of a specific day.
  4. You can monitor the activity of the network traffic after you have disconnected the internet.
  5. The developer did not make the user interface difficult, so anyone of you can navigate it without any issues.
  6. You can monitor the internet speed real-time in your PC.

Compatibility: It supports Windows 98 to Windows 10.

4. PRTG Bandwidth Monitor

PRTG Bandwidth Monitor is considered a sensor monitor that enables you to keep track of network interface, router, website, and others. But, the only purpose that PRTG Bandwidth Monitor serves is to monitor internet usage. It has a sensor ability that keeps track of your bandwidth usage without any issues. You can use it as an Internet speed meter as well because it keeps track of bandwidth per second.

Internet speed meter for pc

  1. It records the network usage, and it provides you with network bandwidth information every second so that you can find out about the internet speed.
  2. It also keeps track of Internet usage in graphs and charts.
  3. PRTG Bandwidth Monitor primary purpose to help you maintain a smooth performance of your Internet.
  4. It supports 200 different sensors to analyze the networks.
  5. You can monitor internet speed real-time.

Now, you can keep track of the Internet speed every second for free of cost.

Compatibility: It supports Windows, Linux, Oracle, Citrix and more.

5. SpeedTest by Ookla

One of the popular websites in the world has launched Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOSX applications so that you can check the internet speed anytime. SpeedTest isn’t like the other tools that I have listed above because it only tells shows you the internet speed of your network.

Speed test

  1. The interface is straightforward, and the navigation is extremely easy to use.
  2. It shows you Download, Upload, and Ping information. But, it’s not accurate, but an approximate value. However, the values keep changing, and it is an approximate value of the internet speed.
  3. It is a free tool offered by the Ookla, and you will get frequent updates from the official team. But, I think it is a little heavy (60MB file size) for a simple tool.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer bandwidth records feature, so you can monitor how much internet speed you are getting real-time.

Compatibility: It supports Windows and macOSX.

6. Monitor Bandwidth Usage Software

Monitor Bandwidth Usage Software primary purpose is to track the network usage, but you can use it to find out the real-time download speed and upload speed. The software is designed properly so that it can monitor the network usage real-time without a second difference. The monitoring functions don’t stop even when your machine stops responding.

Internet speed test

  1. You can monitor internet usage and view the history in graphs and charts.
  2. You can keep an eye on the download speed and upload speed real-time, and you can use its Internet speed meter.
  3. The software will launch automatically after you turn on the machine.
  4. The developers have optimized the Monitor Bandwidth Usage Software well so that it can run in the optimal stage, and it leaves no errors.

Compatibility: The developers designed it for Windows.


You can use SpeedTest software or any bandwidth meter to find out the real-time internet speed of your ISP. Let us know what do you think about the Internet speed meter for PC in the comment section below.

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