How to install and repair Windows media creation tool

Microsoft enabled Windows users to Install and repair Windows Media creation tool. It enables you to Install clean Windows on your PC without any errors, and virus. The Microsoft adds verification tool that checks every file during the Installation, so there is no fear of virus or any form of attack.

System Requirements:

  1. You need an active high-speed Internet connection to download 4GB Windows 10 files.
  2. You need 16GB USB device and make sure it does not have any files in it because Microsoft will erase it to Install and repair Windows Media creation tool.
  3. Make sure your machine supports 64bit or 32bit Windows 10 drivers, or you may end up having issues.
  4. You need 2GB RAM for 32bit and 4GB RAM for 64bit, and trust me these are the minimum requirements to run Windows 10.
  5. You need a Dual-core processor, and Windows 10 supports Pentium Dual-core E2180 (the manufactured the year 2007) as well, but make sure your PC has 2GB RAM for 32bit and 4GB RAM for 64bit.
  6. Minimum Integrated graphics is 256MB, but the minimum for smooth performance is 512MB.
  7. Download Windows Media creation tool from Microsoft.

Now, you are ready to use it.

Install and Repair Windows Media Creation Tool

There are two other ways for you to upgrade your Windows 10 PC.

       1. Windows Update

The Windows update will install add latest security updates, driver updates and software’s updates to your OS build version. However, it does not change or update to the latest build version interface, and It takes a very long time to update it.

      2. Windows Upgrade Assistant

I consider it the most horrible way to update your Windows 10 PC.

I have recently used Windows upgrade assistant to update the OS to latest security files & it downloaded 4GB of files.

The most interesting part is that it updated the Windows 10 PC, but it failed to add the latest user interface and features, which is absurd because it downloaded 4GB worth of files.

The biggest flaw is the time it takes to install, and it took 4-hours to install it.

      3. Install Windows Media Creation Tool

I will show you how to Install it, but in case, if you want to repair it, then I will show you the option between the process because the whole process remains the same.

Step 1: Download the Media Creation Tool from the official website.

Install and repair windows media creation tool

Step 2: Run the tool as an administrator.

windows media creation tool

Step 3: It will take a few moments to show up the terms and conditions, so make sure to wait, and click on “accept” to continue.

media creation tool

Step 4: If you are planning to upgrade, then select the first one (1) or if you want to repair your PC, then select the second option (2), and the rest of the process will remain the same. In this process, the computer restarts automatically, but you if you want to repair, then you have to BOOT into BIOS and set DVD or USB device as primary boot system.

install creation tool

Step 5: Now, you have to click on the “accept” to continue.

install media creation tool

Step 6: The program will begin the “getting updates” and it will start downloading the packages.

install and repair windows media creation tool

Step 7: Remember, Windows media creation tool helps you to download the latest updates, but it also has flaws. During the update, the media creation tool freezes your computer, and you don’t want that to happen. I recommend you to go to control panel > network & Internet > network connections, and select the WIFI or LAN connection, then right-click the mouse to disable it.

media creation tool

You have to disable it until the Windows 10 media creation tool stops downloading updates.

Step 8: Now, your PC is “ready to Install” to Install Windows 10 Pro, and you can make changes by clicking on “change what to keep.”

windows media creation tool

Step 9: The Windows 10 will begin to Install, and you can repair it here.

install and repair windows media creation tool

Step 10: Your computer will restart during the process, and it can happen multiple times, but make sure that you don’t have anything else, or you can ruin the process.

windows media creation tool

Step 11: The latest updates will begin to install on your computer, and the repair process is different, but I will show you later on.

creation tool

The computer will take twenty minutes to half an hour to complete the Installation process because Windows 10 adding new features and updating the interface, so it takes time.

Step 12: You will boot back to the home screen, and go to settings to check if the update was successful. The easiest way to find it to look at the settings interface because it has been updated with a transparent background.

install media creation tool

It might seem easy, and it is easy, but it consumes time up to 1-hour. Be patient because the manual work only takes about ten minutes, and the rest is taking care of by the media creation tool.

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        4. Repair Windows Media Creation Tool

Allow us to show you how you can repair your Windows 10 PC using the media creation tool.

Step 1: Read the Install instructions from “step 1” to “step 7” and make sure to read step 4 because you have to select “USB device & CD/DVD.”

Step 2: Boot your machine to the USB device or CD/DVD, and click on repair at the bottom. You have to choose the “troubleshoot.”

repair window media creation tool

Step 3: Now, click on “advanced options.”

media creation tool

Step 4: Now, click on “start-up repair.”

install creation tool

Step 5: Select the account. In case, if you have more than one account, then you will find it in the list. But, make sure to select the administrator, if you have a lock screen password.

windows creation tool

Step 6: Now, enter the password, if you have selected administrator, and click on “continue.”

windows media creation tool

Step 7: The program will begin to diagnose the computer for the errors, and you have to wait for a moment or a few minutes to complete the process.

install and repair media creation tool

Step 8: Unfortunately, the start-up repair could not fix the issue, and it happens to a lot of computers. Now, click on advanced options because there is one more thing that we can do next.

media creation tool

Step 9: Again, click on “troubleshoot.”

how to install windows media creation tool

Step 10: Now, select “advanced options,” and click on “system restore.”

windows media creation tool

If there are any recovery options, then you don’t have to worry about the repair process, but in case, if the system restore doesn’t work, then you can use the Windows Media creation tool to Install a clean version of Windows 10.


I have faced this problem many times, where the Windows 10 OS was unrepairable. Let us know what do you think about it in the comment section below.

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