How to Use Google Chrome Password Manager

Google has announced that Chrome browser is going to have Chrome password manager in the latest edition and they are going to save the password via Google account. Allow us to show you how you can utilize the Chrome password manager at full capacity.

Chrome Password Manager Features

The Chrome browser official team has added the password manager because many existing users are downloading third-party managers to log in automatically and it can prove to be the biggest mistake the users have made in the life.

The Chrome team added it to the latest version of the Chrome because they want you to switch from third-party extension to default password manager.

But, it worth switching to Chrome password manager?

First: We have to appreciate that Chrome developers have designed the UI smartly, but they made sure that it is easy to understand and navigate.

Chrome Password Manager

Second: You have an option to enable and disable prompt password save or not.

Google Chrome Password Manager

Third: Let’s assume that you have saved a password, then it will automatically sign in to your account. But, keep in mind that you had to remain online and associated Google account should be active.

Fourth: You can log in to your Google account from the settings, and it will automatically enable the Google Chrome password manager.

Fifth: Let’s assume that you have saved password of an application, then the Chrome password manager will automatically login to applications and sites.

Sixth: Remember, Google account connected to the Chrome, and the browser is utilizing Google Password. You can change the settings right away, but it will take you to the password manager website.

use google chrome password manager

Settings page

Remove Apps: Many of you have connected applications on your Android smartphone via a Google account, right? If you use the same account on the Chrome browser, then you can also access the apps login data. You can remove them from the Chrome browser from here.

use chrome password manager

These are the very least of many features of Chrome password manager.

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How To Save Passwords?

Allow us to show you how you can start saving passwords immediately.

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome browser, and click on the “three dots” gear icon, and click on the “settings.”

Step 2: Now, click on the “sign in” to log in to your Google account, and then click on the passwords.

Step 3: Now, go to any website like a shopping site, and type the credentials like “Username & Password,” and hit “login.”

Step 4: A small notification will pop-up on your screen and you have to click on “YES.” Don’t worry because I will show you how to remove it later on.

Step 5: The password saved in the connected Google account.

Step 6: I have logged out and tried to re-login, and you can see that the Chrome password manager suggested the login credentials automatically.

I hope you have understood how the password manager works on the Chrome browser, but it’s time to show you how you can remove it from your browser and Google account.

How To Remove Passwords from Chrome Browser?

Allow us to show you how you can remove saved password permanently because sometimes you don’t want to leave any trace of credentials on Chrome browser and Google account.

Step 1: Now, click on the Google account icon at the top right and click on the “passwords.

Step 2: You have to scroll down to find the account you want to remove and click on three dot setting icon.

Step 3: Now, you have two options “details” and “remove” and click on “remove” to delete the data once and for all.

Wasn’t that simple to delete the data of the passwords?

There is a rumor going on that Google is going to add a new feature that will allow blocking the users to use the same passwords on other websites.


Chrome password manager offers simple to use the feature and easy to understand navigation because it helps you to replace the third-party extensions and apps. However, I don’t recommend you to save the net banking details and any money related websites because Google is collecting too much of our data. Let us know what do you think about the Chrome password manager in the comment section below.

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