How to Get Spotify Premium For Free

Spotify is an entertainment music hub for millions of people around the world, and they offer American music in the various genre, categories, artist, albums, and more. You can download Spotify for free, but they have a free subscription & paid a subscription that entitled to provide you Spotify premium APK. If you want to download the music or play the MP3 track in the highest bitrate, then you have to pay for it.

You have to pay $9.99/month to gain access to the Spotify premium APK, and it unlocks premium features like highest audio bitrate like 320 Kbps & download options. You also get customer support from the official team of the Spotify. Unfortunately, students & less earning users cannot pay for such service on a monthly basis.

How to get Spotify Premium for free?

Spotify is fighting against the free users, who are using Spotify premium free, and they have dedicated high-paid engineers to recognize such users. There is no such thing as free Spotify premium, but there are ways you can get access to the premium services without paying a penny.

The company that operates Spotify admitted that they have millions of unpaid users accessing the Spotify premium free. In short, our methods doubles the success rate, and you can access the premium version of Spotify.

1. Sign for A Free Account

I recommend you to create a new account with Spotify because they have recruited a team of Professional Engineers. The professional team is working 24-hours a day to make the detection robot better & smarter. In short, they can track you, and they punish you by banning you. Furthermore, they will also list down your IP address, and put you in the blacklist section.

By creating a new IP, and using a VPN, you can create a mask that no can track you back. In case, if they identify your account as “against the policies”, then they ban the new account. You can create one more account and then start all over again.

Step 1: Download a free VPN from Chrome store or Mozilla Add-on & turn it on.

Spotify premium for free

Step 2: Now, click on the sign-up button.

Sign up spotify

Step 3: You can use temporary email address & add fake details like your name, last name, address, etc.

Step 4: An email is sent to the registered email, and you can use a temporary email.

Confirm Account

Step 5: You should have this on your screen after confirmation.

Open Spotify

Step 6: Make sure that your account is working smoothly.

Now Use Spotify

Always remember, you should use a VPN to connect to this account, or you may get into trouble and end up in the blacklist section.

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2. How to Get Spotify Premium for Free on Windows or Mac OS X Machine

No rule says you cannot access free Spotify premium on your Windows or Mac OS X machine, and we can show you the right way.

Before we begin the process, you need an Android emulator that works on your machine without any issues. I have tested Nox App Player for Mac & KO Player for PC, and both work flawlessly on your Windows & Mac OS X machine without any issues.

Android Emulator System Requirements:

There are two major desktop processor manufacturers, and they both offer Intel-V and AMD Hyper-V technology support for the latest desktops & laptops. I have seen that even the latest budget processors do not have virtualisation enabled in it, so I recommend you to check the compatibility.

For Intel Processors: Download the Intel® Processor Identification Utility to check whether your process supports Intel-V, or not.

For AMD Processors: I have used free “AMD Virtualization™ Technology and Microsoft® Hyper-V™ System Compatibility Check Utility ” tool to confirm if my processor supports it or not.

  1. I recommend that your machine should have at least 512MB of video memory or integrated graphics.
  2. Your machine needs 2GB DDR2 or above RAM module to run an emulator efficiently.
  3. Update your drivers using Windows update or offline version of Driver Pack.
  4. Intel 1nd Gen Core i3 to latest generation processors supports Intel-V, and AMD offers virtualisation for on mid-range & high-end processors.
  5. You need an active Internet connection to download & use Android emulator with Google account.

I assume that you are ready to use the Android emulator & Spotify premium APK.

Step 1: I am going to use Nox App Player because it works smoothly on low-end computers.

Nox App Player

Step 2: The Nox App takes a few moments to load the components & tools, so be patient.

Nox App player

Step 3: I have pointed out a tool on the right-side menu, and the option is an “app installer” that you can use to install non-market apps. We are going to use a non-market Spotify premium free app.

Spotify premium app for free

Step 4: The Nox App Player added drag & drop feature that enables you to add any app in a few steps. But, you have to click on “OK” to proceed.

Nox App player

Step 5: A new window pop-up on your screen, and locate Spotify premium APK file from the window, and select it to Install it.

Open files

Step 6: Unfortunately, Nox App Player does not show you the progress, and it silently installs the app in the background. I ask you to be patient to let the Nox App install it in a few moments, and you have to wait for a while.

Nox App Player

After a few moments, you will find a new app with blue tick appears in the dashboard. You can easily spot it because it has the Spotify logo, and you can download the Spotify premium APK from here.


If you are wondering whether using Spotify premium free is legal or illegal, then I would like to inform you that it is illegal practices. You are becoming a burden to the Spotify premium APK team because they are trying to offer the latest music for free & making an effort to a few bucks from the subscriptions. It definitely affects the company revenue, investors trust, and stock value. Let us know what do you think about Spotify premium free in the comment section below.

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