How to Fix Windows 10 Update and Shut down Every Time Issue

Microsoft latest edition Windows 10 launched in 2015 and the company pushed the latest software in the market to please existing consumers. The software company started to push the Windows updates, and it never happened in the past. Windows 10 updates are absolute, and no one can disable it. Forcing users to download and install it plays a significant role in the development of the operating system.

The “Update and Shutdown or Update and Restart” has become a pain for millions of existing users and it does not go away until or unless, the users obey it. In a few scenarios, the update takes plenty of time, where the customer has to access the mail immediately to confirm client requests.

I have faced “Update and Shutdown or Update and Restart“ problem plenty of times.

1. Run Troubleshooter

Windows is like an old man, who requires a medical check from time-to-time. The software does behave abnormally on many occasions, and if you think that WU is behaving oddly, then a quick check can resolve the issue.

Step 1: Click Windows key + S and type “troubleshooter” and click on the first result.

Shut down issue

Step 2: In the list, you have “Windows Update” and click on it to start the function.

Fix Windows 10 Update and Shut down

Step 3: The “run the troubleshooter” appears on the screen, and click on it to start it.

Windows 10 shut down issue

Step 4: A new window shows up on the screen, and it might take several minutes to identify the culprit.

Fix Windows 10 Update and Shut down

Step 5: I don’t have any errors in my PC, but the “Apply Fix” is a way to install new updates.

Fix Windows 10 Shut down Issue

In short, my PC is not suffering from abnormal WU activity.

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2. Reset Windows Update

If you are reading the second step, then you might have an advanced problem of “Update and Shutdown or Update and Restart,“ and we have a solution for you. How about resetting Windows update? I like the sound of it, and it takes a few minutes to complete it.

Step 1: Download and extract the Reset WU Agent from the official site.

Fix Windows 10 Update and Shut down

Step 2: Run the “ResetWUEng” as an administrator, and it will open a command prompt.

Windows 10 shut down issue

Step 3: Press any key to start resetting it, and click on close to exit it.

Fix Windows 10 Update and Shut down issue

Step 4: Now, type “Y” for yes to grant permission to complete the procedure.

Step 5: Press 2 to reset the Windows Update Components using the tool.

Step 6: Be patient as the tool begins to initiate the resetting process. “The Operating Completed Successfully” notification confirms the WU Agent has successfully reset the WU components.

Resetting the WU does not remove or uninstall previous updates, or it does not affect any files or folders in the operating system. It resets the components of the WU engine, so you don’t have to suffer from errors. Backups and files remain the same, and you have to uninstall or delete them manually if needed.

3. WU Restart

You might have come across a reboot, software reboot, new driver installation restart, and driver uninstall restart and more. However, there is a function called Windows Update restart that the users rarely use. It is a phenomenal function that only a few Windows users are utilizing it regularly. Today, we are going to use it to wipe out the issue.

Step 1: Click on the Windows Key and then select the Settings gear icon to open it.

shut down issue every time

Step 2: At the bottom, you have “Update & Security” options, and click on it to access WU functions.

Fix Windows 10 Update and Shut down

Step 3: You will have the option “RESTART” and click on it to finalize the updates.

windows update shut down

Step 4: The computer will restart, and the problem does not bother the users for a while.

Remember, the updates keep happening once in a while, and you cannot stop the cycle by enabling it. The problem will occur again, and you can repeat the same process to get rid of it for a few days or weeks.

4. Disable Services & Background Apps

Powering the PC starts all services and functions in the background, and it involves Windows Update as well. We have to put an end to every service and background apps running without your consent. One of the background apps could be the contributing factor, and no one has to worry about the errors. Disabling the features does not cause any errors, but they are in a closed manner, so it does not impact the overall performance of the PC.

Step 1: Open Task Manager and click on Startup. Now, select every program that has a “HIGH” tag and disables it. Do not disable the graphics module and audio module, and you can disable the rest.

Fix Windows 10 Update and Shut down

Step 2: Windows Key + S will open the search bar, and type “sysconfig” and then click on the first result.

Windows update shut down issue

Step 3: In the small window, you have to select all services and then click on “Disable All” and click on “hide all Microsoft services.”

Fix Windows 10 Update and Shut down

Step 4: Restart the PC.


Fixing Windows 10 Update is no big deal, but the frequent updates are driving many people crazy. The company did not add a dedicated disable option, and it is causing all the fuss. Let us know what do you think about “Update and Shutdown or Update and Restart” in the comment section below.

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