How to fix USB Device not Recognise in Windows

Windows is not new to the errors and malfunction of the drivers and programs because it is a computer program after all. The good part of the Windows OS is that the company has ensured that anyone can fix it with troubleshooting and by using the official solutions.

One of the common errors and malfunction that I have faced on Windows that the USB devices not recognized by the computer. It happens at least once or twice during your usage of the computer, and there are many reasons behind it.

First, we will look at the reasons why the computer fails to recognize the USB devices because it provides us solutions right away, and you don’t have to spend hours to fix it.

Reasons For USB Device Not Recognised by Windows 10

Allow us to point out important reasons behind on USB device not recognized by Windows 10.

1. USB Cable

It might sound way too common, but it has happened to me many times. USB cables are the least protected accessory, and they go through a lot of harsh treatment, and it is one of the major reasons USB cables wear and tear, and they don’t last long. I recommend you to try to connect your USB device using another cable.

I have tried this method several times, and it worked for me many times.

SOLUTION: Try using another USB cable, and I recommend you to use OEM cable.

2. USB Port

Motherboard manufacturers add high-quality add-ons like CD/DVD writer, USB Ports, LAN port, Audio port, Microphone port, and other ports on a laptop and desktops. No one can deny that USB ports are failing is a rare situation, but it happens when you don’t use it properly.

Try to use the USB device on different ports, and if you are using desktop front ports, then I recommend you to try the USB ports directly connected to the motherboard because they don’t fail easily.

SOLUTION: Try using another USB port.

3. Incorrectly Added

It is quite difficult to explain the situation, but many times we add the USB device to the computer incorrectly, and it leads to the corruption of the drivers and driver folder. We will show you how you can fix the problem later on.

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4. Corrupted USB Device

It is a common issue that I have faced it many times that a corrupted USB device could not synchronize with the computer properly. Unfortunately, the level of corruption confuses the computer, and it ends up showing you that device not recognised by Windows 10.

But, it could be a deeper level of corruption that you can fix it, and sometimes it can be permanent damage as well. Do not worry because I will show you how to fix it and I will also show you when the device is permanently damaged.

5. Virus & Malware

Almost 80% of the Windows OS are affected by the virus and malware around the world, and it infects your USB device as well. The virus can be detected, but the malware is not easy to detect, and the primary malware purpose is to create problems for your USB device.

I will show you how you can fix the issue.

FIX: USB Device Not Recognised by Windows 10

Now, it’s time to fix the USB device not recognized by Windows 10.

Incorrectly Added

I will show you how you can remove the existing installed drivers for your USB device and it could be any device like a USB storage device, SUB external hard drive, USB adapter for a memory card, and anything that connected via USB cable.

Step 1: First, you have to connect your USB device to the computer and let it notify you “USB device not recognized by Windows 10.”

Step 2: In the search bar, type “device manager” and click on the first result in the search bar.

Step 3: Now, you have click on the “disk drives” or “unknown devices” in the list.

Step 4: I don’t have a device incorrectly installed, so there is no “unknown devices” section in the device manager. But, you have to click on “disk drives” or “unknown devices” to find out the drivers installed. Make sure to select the right one because I have a Sony USB device and Toshiba device connected to the computer.

USB device not recognised in windows

Toshiba branded device is a hard drive installed on my computer, and if I select it incorrectly, then the computer won’t work for an hour or so.

Step 5: Now, you have to select the device (Sony USB device in my case) and right-click your mouse to select “uninstall.”

USb device not recognised

In the “unknown devices,” there will be no names to the drivers, so you have to uninstall every driver in the unknown devices, understood?

Step 6: It will take a few seconds to one minute to uninstall the drivers, and then the machine will prompt to reboot. Remove your USB device, and you have to click on “YES.”

USB device

After your computer restarted, then you have to re-connect your device, and the USB device will install the drivers again. It will work for incorrectly connected devices, but it won’t work for corrupted devices.

Corrupted USB Device

I will show you how to fix the corrupted device, and I will also show you whether your device is corrupted permanently or not.

Step 1: Connect the corrupted device to another port.

Step 2: Now, type “CMD” in the search and run as administrator.

USB Not recognised in laptop

Step 3: You have to type “diskpart” and hit enter. Another CMD will open apart from the first one because the second one is a diskpart command line.

Usb Device Recognised Not

Step 4: In the diskpart CMD, you have to type “list disk” and hit enter to proceed.

Not recognised usb

Step 5: If your computer has more than one device connected like Hard disk, USB device, External hard disk, then you will find them on the list.

Device Not Recognised

Check the storage capacity like 931GB and 14GB, and you can easily tell which one is the hard drive and which one is the USB device.

Step 6: Now, you have to type “select disk 1”, and you can tell which one is the USB device and you can take a look at the screenshot.

USB device

Step 7: Now, type “clean” and hit enter.

Pendrive is not recognised in laptop

Step 8: If your device is working, then the hard format will work. But I have an I/O error, and it clearly says that my USB device is permanently damaged.

USB Device Not Recognised

I cannot repair my Sony USB device because it is permanently damaged, and I have tested this method on another USB device, and it works like a charm.

NOTE: Don’t use “Rufus – Create bootable USB drives the easy way” because it damages your USB device.


I have tried many methods to solve the issue, and these two methods have always worked for me. I have also tried software’s like EaseUS partition recovery tool and other advanced or third-party solutions, but only the above two methods have worked for me.

In case, if nothing works for you, then I recommend you to try the Microsoft Forums because there are many experts ready to help you out.

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