Chrome Eating too much RAM? Here’s how to fix it easily!

Google Chrome launched in 2008, and it became a global phenomenon in 2009. I was using Google Chrome in 2010 because it has the modern design and the features like no other browser were offering back in those days. Amazingly, they remained at the top of the mountain even after a decade of the launch.

The development of the Internet, websites, coding, and web applications have changed drastically. I never imagined that I would be able to watch 3D Videos and view 3D pictures online on a smartphone. Chrome browser had to make sure that they have a stable smartphone and desktop browser that can view heavy websites and content based files on the browser.

Guess what? Google Chrome developer team overdid themselves.

Google Chrome stands out of the crowd, but it has flaws that I cannot ignore.

  1. It consumes a lot of RAM than Windows XP does when running system files only.
  2. Running Chrome on 2GB DDR2 RAM on a Windows 7 PC is a disaster – Now, you know why I am not using Chrome on old PC anymore.
  3. Laggy experience on modern laptops despite having a 4GB DDR3L RAM and Quad-core processor clocked at 1.8GHz.
  4. It slows down your PC with time. I have been using Chrome for a very long time, and I can tell that it saves a lot of “saved form data” in OS installed partition.

How to fix Chrome eating up Too much RAM?

The Great Suspender

The great suspender comes to the rescue, how?

The Great Suspender is a Chrome extension that does not consume plenty of space of your C: drive. It does not put a load on your browser either because the file size is less than 1MB.

Any tab that is open in Chrome uses up memory, and some tabs use more than others, but they all use RAM – and in most cases, it’s not strictly necessary. To get an idea of just how much memory is being used, Click on 3 dots Menu on the right of the browser, Go to More Tools>Task Manager

Chrome uses plenty of memory and “how much” exactly is the word that I am going to use in this case. I have recorded memory usage in the Task Manager, and you can see that Chrome is running plenty of processes in the background.

Why does chrome use so much RAM?

Those Chrome processes running in the background are elements of the pages and the services the browser is running to maintain a stable experience. In case, if you are running multiple extensions, then plenty of RAM is used to maintain performance.

The more hours you use the browser, then the more RAM and files stored in the Chrome main folder. In simple words, you are allowing Chrome browser to store more data. The Great Suspender eliminates the tabs opened and unused for a specific period closes in a second.

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How to Install The Great Suspender?

In case, if you need assistance in adding and using the extension, then allow us to guide you through it.

  • The good news is that the file size is less than 300KB, and the bad news is that the extension did not get an update from the developers since June 2017. But, it works smoothly for the time being.

  • Click on the “Add to Chrome” button, and then click to confirm the “add the extension” to Install the extension.

  • Once the extension installed on your browser, then the icon is visible on the top right corner side, and another window will open, and click on the “settings” options available on the page.

  • You can find tons of settings and options on the page, and read them all to understand it carefully.

  • Now you can customize settings.

The Great Suspender Settings

We will start from the top and then end with the last Whitelist feature.

Suspend Tabs: In simple words, it is a timer that decides when to close the unused tabs. An unused tab will be closed after one minute to three days of time. Recommended time would be half an hour.

Pinned Tabs: You pin a tab in the taskbar, or in the browser, It will not be suspended by The Great Suspender.

Contain Unsaved Form Inputs: I recommend you to keep it checked because if you have entered text in another window, and The Great Suspender closes it, then you lose data.

Playing Audio: Let’s say you have opened YouTube and listening to music while working on another tab. The Great Suspender closes it, and then you have to open the YouTube site again. You better keep it checked!

Only auto-suspend if connected to the internet: The extension closes the browser window when your PC connected to the Internet.

Only auto-suspend if running on battery: The extension close the browser window when your laptop is running on battery.

Automatically unsuspend tab when it is viewed: It does not close the tab when you are viewing it. In short, let’s assume that you are viewing the tab, and moving to another, and then it doesn’t close it.

Add The Great Suspender to right-click context menu: You can add or remove the extension shortcut on the top Chrome browser corner menu. We recommended it because the extension does not slow down your PC.

Theme: You can choose a LIGHT and DARK theme, and it doesn’t matter if there are more color options!

Screen Capturing: Let’s assume that you are using “Screen capture” extension to save website large page, and it takes plenty of time. We recommend you to keep it “DISABLED” if you use screen capture extensions.

Whitelist: The feature allows you to add multiple websites that you do not wish to close.

Great Suspender Download


The Great Suspender works smoothly on the latest version of Chrome despite not getting an update from the developer for a year. The functions remain relevant, and it is free to use. Let us know how many websites you have added to Whitelist in the comment section below.

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