How to fix BSoD ‘Critical structure corruption’ in Windows

So you were working on your computer and in a matter of seconds your computer shut itself down and then you were presented with a blue screen with some text given on it and stating either the name or code of the error, so let me enlighten you. You were hit by one of the many blue screens of death errors. These errors completely shut down the computer while you were working on it. So let me first tell you that what happens is that when your computer does not know as to what it should do when it simply shuts itself down in order to prevent further damage to it.

critical structure corruption windows 10

Now if left untreated then this error hits again and again and along with that your computer’s performance also decreases over time.

Fix BSoD ‘Critical structure corruption’ in Windows

CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION is a blue screen error that can occur due to both software and hardware. However, it can be solved and here in this article, we are going to tell you about the fixes using which you will be able to solve the error. You might not even need to try them all but just keep on working with them one by one until one works out for you.

Fix #1 Uninstall Programs

There are a few programs that are reported by users claiming that they were the cause of the error. These include Daemon tools, MacDriver, Intel HAXM etc. So if you have any of them then disable them or ultimately uninstall them and then check that if the problem still persists.

Now if it does then, just simply follow the next step.

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Fix #2 Updating Drivers

There have been reports of Blue Screen of Death errors stating that these are caused due to outdated or faulty or corrupted drivers. So it is always recommended to keep the drivers of your device updated.

It is very easy to update your device drivers if you do not know as to how you can do so then simply follow the instructions given below-

  • Open the Start Menu and then search for Device Manager.
  • In device manager check all the devices by right clicking on them and then selecting Update Drivers.
  • Select Search automatically for updated driver software in order to update the drivers. Repeat the process for each and every device.
  • After updating each and every driver of your devices restart your PC to check that if the problem persists.

Fix #3 Performing a clean boot

This is a great solution that is present and helps to solve almost all the blue screen of death errors and especially this critical structure corruption error. Using this you only keep the programs in your computer that are required for normal functioning. If you don’t have the knowledge of as to how you can do so then keep on following the article as we have written it below-

  • Open the Start Menu and type ‘run’ in order to open the Run dialogue box.
  • In it simply type msconfig and click ok.

critical structure corruption fix

  • Click on the Services tab and then tick the box that is present on the left side right before Hide all Microsoft services after that finally tap on Disable all.

fix critical structure corruption

  • Click on the Startup tab and then to manage the startup items click on open Task Manager.
  • Now in the Startup tab of the Task Manager disable the items that you can see and then close the task manager and finally click on apply in order to save the changes.

critical structure corruption meaning

Fix #4 Using Memory Diagnostic Tools

If the error still hasn’t been corrected then try using memory diagnostic tools. Follow the instructions given below in to use it.

  • Open the Start Menu and then type ‘run’ in the search box to open the ‘run’ dialogue box.
  • Type mdsched.exe and then hit Enter button. critical structure corruption windows 10
  • A new Window will open and in this window, you will have to choose the first option which will be stating Restart now and check for problems (recommended) to run a scan for your memory. critical structure corruption windows 8
  • After that, the scan will start and if the error will be seen then the problem will be automatically corrected.

Fix #5 Repairing Windows

If even after all the steps the error still persists then simply use your Windows disc to repair your Windows. After this, your error will completely be solved and you won’t be seeing it again.

These methods should have solved your issue. You can comment in the comment section for any queries.

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