(Easy Guide) How to Upload Photos on Instagram from Desktop

Instagram is a popular social media website, but you cannot post photos from your desktop to Instagram. But, allow us to show you how you can post Instagram photos from a desktop web browser.

We are going to show you simple ways and. I have tried the methods that I’m going to show you, so don’t worry about the loopholes and disadvantages because little tricky ways, but I recommend you to learn both of them because it will come in handy in one of these days to youse I will list them down.

1. Tablet Mode

It won’t come as a surprise that websites are responsive and it is a script that helps the sites to understand the difference between a desktop, mobile, and a tablet. The Instagram responsive tool recognizes the mobile browser, tablet browser, and desktop browser.

You may not turn your desktop browser into a mobile browser, but a tablet browser and desktop browser have similar coding so that you can set your desktop browser into a tablet browser. It’s a trick that will work on the Instagram.

It may work, and it may not work, but it’s worth to give it a shot.


Allow us to show you on the Google Chrome.

Step 1: First, log in to your Instagram account on your desktop.

upload photos on instagram from desktop

Step 2: Now, right-click the mouse to click on the “inspect element” to open the mobile device or tablet version interface.

Upload instagram photos

Step 3: You have to click on the tablet & phone icon at the top “inspect element” panel. Then, you have to click on the devices, where you can select iPhone 6S to Galaxy, and even add custom phone by selecting “edit.”

Instagram photos

Step 4: It works on a few older Chrome browsers, but the latest browser has fixed the problem.

In case, if this doesn’t work, then we move to the second method that will 100% work on the latest machines or old high-end machines.

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2. An Android Emulator or A Simulator

Instagram runs smoothly on the Android and iOS device, and an Android emulator makes more sense to run Android apps on your latest Windows PC and macOSX PC.

Allow us to provide you with details on the requirements and Android emulators, so you don’t have to waste time on finding the ideal emulator and computer.

Processor & RAM: If you are running 2nd Generation Intel processors and mid-level or high-level modern AMD processors, then you are good to go. You need at least 2GB DDR2, DDR3 or above RAM to function the Android emulator smoothly on your machine.

Virtualization: Your processor must support virtualisation to support emulators.

  1. AMD: You can download the AMD Hyper-V compatibility check tool to find out whether your processor supports Hyper-V or, not.
  2. Intel: You can download the Intel® Processor Identification Utility to check the compatibility.

Keep in mind that sometimes the virtualisation is disabled in the BIOS, so you have to enable it in the Intel processors.

Android Emulators: If you are a Windows user, then you should try the MeMu Player and those who are using Nox App Player for macOSX because Nox developers have created a stable version.

We are not going to suggest Blustacks because it has become a little heavy emulator over the years and they have made the emulator commercial. I don’t recommend it for the low-end computers, old machines, and mid-level computers.

MeMu Player for Windows | Nox App Player for macOSX

Alternative: Ko Player for Windows – I recommend this emulator if you are planning to play Android games on it.

Step 1: For the sake of the tutorial, I am going to use Ko Player and click on the Google Play store icon on the dashboard. You need a Google account to access the Google Play store.

upload instagram photos from desktop

Step 2: Now, you have to search for the Instagram on the Google Play.

Upload instagram photos

Step 3: The Instagram will begin downloading, but In my case, it’s updating because Instagram is already installed and used from my end.

instagram on mobile

Step 4: After installation, you have to log in and start using Instagram on your Windows PC and MacBook or macosX PC.

Instagram photos on laptop

Android emulators don’t support on non-virtualization machines but make sure to check your BIOS because it might be disabled on your PC.

3. Security

I know that many of you are worried about the safety and believe that Android Emulators steal login information.

  1. I have suggested to you the trusted Android Emulators.
  2. Make sure that you are not using any banking services via android emulator.
  3. Do not Install non-market apps and that’s where the hacking & stealing information begins.
  4. If you feel like something is wrong, then change the password of your Instagram.

I recommend you to add Google account that you use it occasionally. You can create up to 6 Google accounts using one mobile number, so why not try it.


I have recommended MeMu for Windows, KO Player (gamers) for Windows, and Nox App Player for macOSX. Let us know what do you think about our suggestions in the comment section below.

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