How to fix dpc watchdog violation windows

Some of the worst nightmares of all Windows user are the Blue Screen of Death errors or simply put when the computer screen goes blue screen and there probably is nothing at all left for you to do other than to restart your machine and take a risk of losing all your unsaved work. Now one of the most commonly noticed Blue Screen of Death error is DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION on Windows 10. It can happen while connecting to the internet, surfing Youtube or while booting the computer. Now on the blue screen, there is only some text written with either the name of the error or the code which in this case is 0x00000133. Now you are stuck with this error and you don’t know as to what you should do, don’t panic just keep on reading, we got solutions for you and at least we know what the issue is for now.

fix dpc watchdog violation

Now for most of the cases, you are going see this error when the device driver(s) of your device is outdated or installed incorrectly. For an example if you have not just installed the video card driver for your new operating system then the DPC Watchdog Violation could easily be happening when you try to watch a video online and in a few cases the incompatible hardware with your operating system could prove to be the cause as well for example suppose that your external hard drive is no longer supported by Windows 10 or maybe that you have just installed a new hardware device on your former versioned computer then and only then you will be seeing DPC Watchdog Violation error on Windows 10. Now there are a few fixes for this error on Windows 10, do not panic my friend, you do not have to try all of them but keep on trying them until one works for you.

Method 1- Change SATA ACHI controller driver

This method has proven to be the most effective method as reported by a huge number of Windows users that is why you should be trying it first.

  • First of all press the Windows key and X at the same time followed by clicking on the Device Manager which will open up the Device Manager.


  • After this expand the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers followed by a right-click on the SATA ACHI controller and finally click Properties. 

fix watchdog violation

  • Now go to the go to the Driver tab and then click Driver Details and do make sure that the iaStorA.sys are listed as a driver,
  • Click OK to exit.  dpc watchdog violation
  • Now simply click the Driver tab and then simply choose Update Driver.

watchdog violation fix

  • Now a pop up will open on which you will have to click on the second option, after which you will have to click on Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer finally followed by clicking on Standard SATA AHCI Controller and then hit Next. Now finish the rest of the procedure as it is instructed. dpc watchdog violation windows 10 2018

dpc watchdog violation windows 10 nvidia

If the issue is still present then keep on following the next methods.

Method 2- Update available drivers

In addition to the above issue another one reason for the DPC Watchdog Violation probably is outdated drivers for the hardware devices so what you should do is that you should verify that all your devices have the right and the latest drivers followed by updating those that don’t which can be easily performed just by using the above method and just choose Update automatically(1st option) option rather than ‘Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer'(2nd option).

Now if the problem still persists than simply follow the next fix.

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Method 3- Check the hardware and software compatibility

In order to check the hardware you will have to disconnect all the external devices that are plugged or installed on your PC that is an external hard drive or a USB flash drive except your mouse and keyboard, and then finally restart your computer. Now if the error has stopped, then simply plug your external devices back but remember only one at a time followed by restarting your PC and now if you get the error again after a certain device then you have got the culprit already. So now what you can do is either just replace this device completely from your computer or update its driver as instructed in fixes given above.

Now if this error occurred recently then you must try to reflect that if you have made some changes to your Computer, for instance, if have you installed a new application, or if have upgraded some programs then you will have to uninstall those programs by simply opening the Control Panel followed by Uninstall the program.

dpc watchdog violation on boot

Method 4- Run Event Viewer

Now if the problem is still present then try this solution.

This fix actually does not provide you with a solution but it helps you to be able to find the culprit driver or the device that is causing you the DPC Watchdog Violation blue screen error on windows 10. Now On your keyboard simply hit the Windows logo key and X at the same time and then click Event Viewer. dpc watchdog violation not restarting

Now on the left side of the panel press, Windows Logs followed by System. And now in the end see that in the middle part of the panel, you then will be able to see some of the entries and now check the ones marked by Error or Warning and so finally now you should be able to see the detailed information of what exactly went wrong at a certain time range and hence you will be able to correct it.

dpc watchdog violation when connecting to internet

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