How To: Guide to download Arc Welder (The easiest way!)

Everyone wants to download Arc welder, but many of you are having trouble finding the right tutorial for downloading Arc welder and Installing it on your Windows and Mac PC.

ARC Welder is an Android developer tool that enables the user to test the Android apps and utilities for stability and functionality. The developers do not release the unstable one until they conduct a proper test using tools like ARC Welder. It supports the Chromebook and Chrome browser, which helps the developers to test the apps on cross platforms, and you can get the best out of it.

Do not forget that Google’s Chrome browser supports cross platforms like Linux and Mac as well.

Arc Welder also comes with Windows program, which we will show you later on, but we would like to inform you that Arc Welder for Chrome browser shows that it is less than 15MB, but it downloads additional data from the Internet because the original file is above 150MB.

Arc Welder Download – Chrome Store

Allow us to show you how you can download Arc Welder on your Windows PC using Chrome browser, and you can install it using other OS as well as Linux and Mac.

Step 1: Launch the Chrome browser and go to the Chrome store.

Install Arc Welder

Step 2: Search for “Arc Welder download” or “Arc welder,” anything would do the job, and then hit enter.

Arc Welder download

Step 3: You can click on “Add to Chrome”, or you can open it for more information.

Arc Welder Screenshot

Note: The developer who created no longer exist, or they might have moved it to somewhere else. However, we do have one developer offering the same tool in an improvised name “Get Arc Welder.”

Arc Welder Install

Step 4: Click on Add to chrome.

Hey, that’s not the end because there’s more to it.

Step 5: The original link is no longer showing up on the Chrome store results for Arc Welder, so we have to download it by clicking on it.

Arc Welder Windows

Step 6: Now, click on Install “Arc Welder” again in the Chrome page you are on it, and the download will begin.

C:\Users\Winwows 7\Desktop\Chrome - 1.png

It says 12MB download, but the file downloads more than 180MB of data from the internet.

C:\Users\Winwows 7\Desktop\Chrome - 2.png

It takes a little bit of time for the download and Installation finish. Your Chrome browser may go to not responding mode.

C:\Users\Winwows 7\Desktop\Chrome - 3.png

Step 7: After two times going to “not responding” mode, then we finally have Arc Welder Installed on our Windows PC.

C:\Users\Winwows 7\Desktop\Chrome - 4.png

The tool will be installed properly, but many are complaining that it isn’t working properly, but the developers have updated it.

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I would like the users to know that we have not tested the tool for performance and loopholes, so we cannot guarantee you that it is functioning normally. The first add-on is a shortcut to take you to the application, and if you download it, then it will direct you to the app. Let us know if the Arc Welder is working smoothly for you or not in the comment section below. So it will help other readers.

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