10+ Best DLNA Streaming Apps for Android

DLNA is the abbreviation for Digital Living Network Alliance. This DLNA enables one to connect DLNA supportive devices to one another and thus let stream data between the two wirelessly! Even being an old way, DLNA is still used and compatible in most of the latest devices like – Amazon Fire TV, PS4, Xbox, etc.

So if you are looking for a way to stream using DLNA, here are the 13 best DLNA Streaming Apps for Android –

1. Media House UPnP/ Browser

Media House UPnP/ Browser

If extra features are what you are looking in a DLNA media streaming app then MediaHouse is what should come to your mind first. You can stream a lot of videos and music on this browser. Playlists and music files can be created, one can view images here and major – it works in landscape mode too.

The MediaHouse UPnP/ DLNA Browser automatically scans the Wi-Fi network and checks if there are DLNA enabled devices so as to connect with them. The scanned devices here are classified into two major categories – one constitutes the devices one can stream their content on and the other includes devices from where the content can be streamed.

However, a well in-built video player is not included in MediaHouse and hence we recommend users to use Video players like MX, VL, etc.

MediaHouse UPnP/ DLNA Browser

2. DLNA Player

DLNa Player

The second one on our list of 13 best DLNA Streaming Android apps is the DLNA Player. This app comes with an in-built audio renderer and image viewer as well. The interface is helpful for users.

There is a library for managing your content and you can easily find any file you want over here. This app is a zero-configuration app and here you can play music on an external app as well.

Download DLNA Player

3. BubbleUPnP/ DLNA

BubbleUPnP/ DLNA

Another DLNA media Streaming App that lets you broadcast the content directly from your device to the supportive DLNA Device is the BubbleUPnP/ DLNA. Bubble supports any DLNA enabled TV, Gaming consoles that are latest, and Chromecast.

There comes a remote control function along with a whole screen image viewer. This app avails great Chromecast assistance with the custom look. One can have access to the media from various sources like – your Android device, web browser, file manager, Google Drive and other forms of cloud storage, etc.

This DLNA media Streaming browser provides one with various amazing features like – Shuffle modes, playlists that can be edited, sleep timer, playback queue, scrobbling and a lot more which you will come across once you start using this DLNA site.

Download BubbleUPnP / DLNA

4. Plex


Another great Android app that is one of the best DLNA media streaming apps out there is the Plex. Once you see the user interface of this you for sure will be using it. This app serves amazing features like -Resuming videos, using Android phone or tablet as a remote for Plex TV, Shared playlists, and a lot more.

You surely do need to give this app a shot. Here, one can download all the types of metadata so as to make everything more accurate and professional.

This app is designed to work as a DLNA server as well. All one has to do is go to the Settings of the app, then go to the server and then choose DLNA. This way you can easily connect the app with all the DLNA-certified home devices be it the Android device or a tablet or an Android TV.

Download Plex for Android

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5. LocalCast


A great DLNA Media Streaming app in its stability and service for media streaming is the LocalCast. The video quality over this app is great and better than Google Apps’ like Google Photos. By this comparison, one can realize what this app exactly is!

The app lets the users download movie subtitles at a faster pace since it is integrated with OpenSubtitles.org. If you are lucky enough and have Chromecast, you can rotate and even zoom pictures on the fly with LocalCast.

This app connects to DLNA, Samba devices, and UPnP as well. It works with some very popular devices like – Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Major Smart TVs, game consoles, etc.

LocalCast has its own browser on the web that one can easily cast and also stream from Network storage in their home.

Download LocalCast

6. Kodikodi

When it’s about media-streaming apps, how can Kodi not make its way into the list? This media center app supports DLNA Streaming.

Kodi is designed to watch videos but it is also possible to view images and listen to the radio. However, for streaming music, we would suggest you any other means.

The best part about Kodi is its add-ons. One can stream various official channels like YouTube and Sports and even stream local media! The user interface is pretty helpful with various categories like – Pictures, Videos, Weather, radio, Add-ons, Favorites, Music videos, etc.

Download Kodi

7. iMediaShare Personal

 iMediaShare Personal

iMediaShare personal is a DLNA App that has a user interface that one can hardly resist. Trust me, if you have been here once, you will find your way back here.

The UI is elegant in black as well as clear and simple. At the bottom are the various options like – Artists, Albums, All Songs, Playlists, etc.

It is very easy to stream media from your Android phone or tablet to TV without even using any sort of cables! Not just that, the app turns into a remote when media is being played on the TV. You can use your Android phone to play, pause or resume the video being played on the TV.

Download iMediaShare Personal

8. ShareON WiFi Music Player

Shareon Wifi Music Player

As you can tell by the name, this DLNA streaming app is specifically meant for streaming music. ShareON WiFi music player lets one switch easily between DLNA Devices that have a user-friendly interface.

One does not have to download music for playing from the DLNA Device, you can easily get access to play on the needed device. The number of songs that can be browsed at a higher speed on connected devices is over thousands.

Audio files in any format can be played on your Android device without having to convert it into another format. If you want a high quality of music playback then the DLNA Supported speakers are ones you should give a try.

Download ShareON Wi-Fi Music Player

9. All Connect

All Connect

AllConnect is a somewhat mix featured app. This app works with every internet device with a Xiaomi box. Over this app, one can stream online as well as offline content from any other apps on your device.

The speakers supported by this app are from Brands like – Airfoil, Paspbmsc, XBMC, etc. It supports Apple TV, Airplay speakers and Chromecast as well.

Download All Connect

10. Toaster Cast

toaster Cast

Toaster Cast allows one to stream music, videos, and photos too on DLNA device through a Wi-Fi network. Any android app can access Toaster for streaming videos. There is a unique feature of locations where your location is used to see the nearest music stores.

The Vimeo videos are streamed greatly as well. If you want the media server feature, then you will have to shift to the Pro version of Toaster Cast.

Download Toaster Cast

11. Hi-Fi cast DLNA

Hi-Fi cast DLNA

Another best DLNA Streaming site that has been really useful in streaming music and supports playing even the common most file formats like – WAV, AAC, FLAC, MP3, etc. is the Hi-Fi Cast.

This best DLNA Streaming site supports Google Hom devices and many other ones supporting DLNA as well. This app is indeed the best choice if its Music that you want to stream.

There are numerous shuffling options for music. Be it the tracks, albums or artists, you get the option to play from Android device or also other DLNA devices that have the music content.

Download Hi-Fi Cast

12. All Cast

all cast

As the name says it all, All Cast offers streaming media to almost all the devices. If you are looking for a wider range in case of adaptability, AllCast is what you need to have. One can stream content from the dropbox as well.

The devices that can be streamed using Chromecast, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox 360, PS4 and Apple TV and all else DLNA enabled devices. This app lets users stream directly without even having to download the content first.

Download All Cast

13. Media Monkey

Media Monkey

Last but not least on our list of 13 best DLNA Media Streaming sites is the MediaMonkey. This site has been placed in the end does not mean it is less somewhere. N fact, it is so much more than just a DLNA!

One can sync and stream media with MediaMonkey across many devices through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, UPnP, and DLNA. The interface is pretty friendly as well. There are various options like – Bookmarks, Multiple file editing, playlists management, and a lot more. One has pay to get additional features that include unlimited usage of DLNA and more.

Download Media Monkey


These were the 13 best DLNA Streaming sites that one can use for streaming videos, music, and other stuff. I hope you have picked up the one for you as per your choices. In case of any further assistance, feel free to ask us!

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