How to Disable Runtime Broker in Windows 10

It is brought to my attention just a few days back that my PC’s CPU usage is pretty high. I am just watching Netflix or browsing the internet and some of the websites took for say days to open. Then, I take a look at the task manager and I came to know that there is a program named “Runtime broker” is using the CPU and causing this issue. Then I look over the internet that what is the solution to this problem. I ended up with some of the solutions which are partial working and some of them are very complex. Therefore, I decided to make my own solution for the solution.

It is not the whole of my idea and I have help from my friends who are also facing the same problem. This solution works for us and I hope that it might work for you if you are facing a similar issue. But, first up for the techno geeks, I am gonna explain that “What is Runtime broker?” And “What is the purpose of this program?” on the computer. So, let dive into the article, without getting you bored with my serious attempt to read this.

What is Runtime Broker?

“Runtime Broker”, it is an official firsthand product of Microsoft, which is introduced the Windows 8. It is used to determining the permissions used by other apps. It also allows other application to access different permissions like mic permission, camera permission only when we grant that permissions to any application.

In normal circumstances, the CPU and memory usage of this application is not considerable, because it is only accessed when the application asks to access the particular applications. But for some reason, if the program is not terminated after its usage, it ends up using the CPU and Memory of the computer and the problem grows. In the end, there is the issue with all of us get stuck and we don’t know what to do in that situation.

In this article, in further phases, I will tell you about the solution to this problem, which works in all the scenarios, I used it in.

How to Disable Runtime Broker?

There are several methods which can be used to solve this problem and the methods described in this article are totally my search and worked for me. But that is not the case when you tried these methods and you failed or ending up screwing things worse than before, there is nothing I can do in that situation for you. So, use these methods at your own risk and if you are willing to take that, so here are the methods, I know about the solution to this problem.

Method 1: By Disabling the “Get tips, tricks and suggestions as you use your Windows” option.

This option is possible that the “Runtime Broker” program is still running in the background and disabling this option will not affect your user experience from before, but there is some chance that this option is causing the problem that you are facing. The way these options works is that it keeps track of everything which you are doing in your PC and gives you tips according to your usage and this process ends up taking a lot of CPU usage. To disable this option, perform the following steps:

1.) Go to settings of the Window by any means that you know, then click on the “System” option there.

2.) Click on the “Notifications and Actions” option and then you can disable the”Get tips, tricks and suggestions as you use your Windows” option there.

Disable runtime broker

If this works then you are good to go, if not there is one more method that can solve this problem and I ask to use that one time as well.

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Method 2: Turn off Background applications

If the method described above does not solve  your problem, then that means that you have to permanently stop the background applications to turn on automatically and the only way to disable that option in the settings and the steps described below will help and the way that works that it will stop the application to run in the background and the CPU usage by those applications will reduce and it might help with our problem as well.

1.) Go to “Settings” by means you know.

2.) Click on the “Privacy” option there.

Disable runtime broker3.) Select the “Background apps” option by scrolling on the left side of the page.

4.) If you saw any apps there, then uncheck all of them and those apps will no longer run in the background.

Runtime broker disable

This solution might solve your issue and even then your problem is not solved then you can head up to any of the service center near you which will give you technical support. (Ends up taking a lot of money from you.”Don’t do that!”)


In this article, the methods are described to solve the problem which is common now – “Runtime Broker” ends up using a lot of CPU power. The methods are easy and accurate according to my knowledge. If you find them useful and they help you to solve your problem then you can tell me about that in the comments down below and if you have any suggestions regarding this topic and if you have any solution of yours as well then also let us know in the comments down below.


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