How to Enable Dark mode for Google Chrome

The Windows users widely use Google Chrome all around the world, and the Chrome browser is standing on the top in the comparison chart. Chrome developers are putting efforts to make the browser elegant, trendy, and highly featured. However, it has a fair share of CONS or flaws like highly RAM usage, and CPU usage, when you compare it to the Firefox Quantum.

Nevertheless, Chrome dark mode is a new feature added to the latest edition of the browser. The Google has improved the design, and they applied to the products like Drive, Mail, Chrome and more.

What is Chrome Dark Mode?

Google Chrome team accepts user’s request, and the dark mode is one of the highly requested functions in the bucket list. Chrome developers team took a lot of time to consider it because millions of users around the world have requested it for many years. Nevertheless, they did not add the dark mode feature to the interface.

One of the major reasons why Chrome dark mode is not present because they have an incognito mode that has a dark mode. However, Chrome dark mode has several benefits that help your eyes, and it improves your concentration.

I will list down the benefits by the end of the tutorial, but first, allow us to show you how you can apply a Chrome dark mode in your edition.

How to Enable Chrome Dark Mode?

We are going to use Chrome store, and download an extension that has a file size of 1.0MB.

Step 1: Search for Chrome store, and open the site.

Chrome dark mode

Step 2: Now, type “dark theme” in the search bar, and hit enter.

dark mode in chrome

Step 3: You can even download suggested extension, and click on “add to chrome.”

dark mode on chrome web store

Step 4: A small confirmation pop-up on your screen and you have to click on “add an extension.”

Add extentions

Step 5: Now, you have a button on the top, and open any website on your browser.

enable dark mode

Step 6: Click on the button and you it turns from orange to black. You will also notice that the website has turned black.

applied dark mode

Yes, this extension will turn every website into a dark site, and it does not change the color of your browser. It will only change the color white to black, but it will change white elements on a site into the black element. It does not reflect the black color to text, images, layouts, and elements to offer better visual, and it will only change the background.

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Why Did Chrome Developers Not Add Dark Mode?

Google Chrome is one of the largest used browsers in the world right now, and Chrome dark mode is a highly anticipated feature. However, the Chrome dev team has disappointed us, and they are focusing more on the new features.

There is no official reason behind it, but we can list a few for you.

  1. Chrome developers are focusing more on the security, and they have added inbuilt malware tool.
  2. Chrome Incognito mode comes with a night mode, but it does not work on the websites.
  3. I strongly believe that there are better dark mode extensions in the store, so they felt that there is no requirement to add a new one.
  4. Chrome marketing team maintain a balance between official & third-party developers, and they do not want to kill the opportunity for the existing extension developers.
  5. The inbuilt feature may invite additional security issues.

There is no doubt that Chrome dark mode is not a major feature, but security is something that Google does not want to take any chances.

Chrome Dark Mode Benefits

Adding a dark theme to the browser has health benefits for those who are using it during nights and longer period.

  1. Your eye fatigue reduces to 30% or below, and if you are using it longer periods, then it will come in handy.
  2. There are patients with photophobia condition, and black background prevents it.
  3. If you are someone who wants to increase battery life, then black backgrounds consume less battery life. Usually, display consumes half of the battery life, and colorful background plays a crucial role. A vibrant background or a live wallpaper has a job to provide in-depth clarity, and it consumes power to accomplish the task. Black background saves battery life, and you can use the Windows dark theme as well.
  4. The blue light in the display will decrease drastically, and it improves your body’s sleep cycle if using the laptop or phone in the evening.
  5. If you have a defective screen with blacked out pixels, then it will help you cover the spots with a black background.

Download Dark Mode for Chrome Extension


We have so many extensions in the chrome store, and it is one of the major reasons why Chome developers feel unnecessary. You can enable & disable the dark mode with one click, and let us know what you think about Chrome dark mode in the comment section.

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