5 Cool movie sites which will astonish you!

In old times if we people wanted to watch movies, we had to wait for a long time for it to be telecasted, but now technology has become advanced and there are several platforms on internet where we can watch latest movies anytime, anywhere and there are some sites on which we have to pay but there are some free sites also and allow us to list down best free movies sites, where you can watch your favorite movies around the world without any limitations. In the best free movie sites, we are going to list down websites that stream movies for free of cost.

1. FMovies

I have been using FMovies for a long time now. You can watch many movies on FMovies for free of cost. On the website, you can find different genres, country, and various languages of movies. But, mostly, this portal is for those who want to watch the latest movies like Avengers, Iron Man, the Incredibles, and other Hollywood movies.


I have also watched the Chinese movies dubbed in English. You can also download movies in your native language, but you have to deal with the subtitles because they don’t provide any subtitles.SRT files along with the movies.

Monetisation: The website founders have selected to put advertisements on the site. It is a common method to place pop-up ads on the website. It is a little annoying, but you have to bear it to watch movies free of cost.

Note: FMovies facing a lot of copyrights issues in various countries and the domain extension is getting banned in many countries, so Google fmovies every time you want to watch from it.

2. BMovies

BMovies is the secondary website of the FMovies and it is one of the best platform to watch free movies. Yes, when the Government bans the FMovie under the law, then you can access it using BMovies. You can find various genres of movies like Chinese, Cantonese, Korean, English movies, and more. Originally, you will find anything that is available on the FMovies server.


But, sometimes you can take advantage of the early access of the movies on BMovies because when FMovies is down, then the founders use this platform to provide you latest movies streams.

Monetisation: The website is 100% free of charges, and you can watch unlimited videos and movies from this platform, but you have to bear with the pop-up advertisements. They got no other choice to depend on the ads to fund their projects and afford for the expensive servers.

Note: BMovies keep getting targeted by the administration of the copyrights and BMovies might get banned again, but you can access it by Googling it or landing on the FMovies because they redirect the site or they will provide you with a new link at the footer.

3. Yes Movies

One of the major portals in the world, where you can access Hollywood movies in English without paying a single penny is Yes Movies. I consider Yes Movies one of the most reliable websites because you can watch movies all over the world without paying a single penny and the Yes Movies have little to no advertisements popping up on your screen.

Yes Movies

The interesting part of the Yes Movies is that you can watch movies like Justice League vs Teen Titans cartoon movies as well. You can browse through cartoon movies and watch various cartoon movies like Toy Story, The Incredible’s, Batman Beyond, and more.

Monetisation: This is a totally free site to watch alluring movies. I have not found any advertisements yet, and I have not seen any pop-up or display advertisements. I don’t know how the Yes Movie is making money and they might be selling your analytical information to advertisers.

Note: Yes Movies is banned in many countries like India, USA, and other countries. You can access it using the free VPN extensions and programs.

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4. Ice Films

Currently, Ice Films is the only website that provides you watching the movies and USA-based television shows like late night shows. You can watch Hollywood movies like the latest Avengers Infinity War, Iron Man, Ant-man, Yip Man, and other movies. You will also find non-Hollywood movies dubbed in English, and you might see a subtitle or not.

Ice Films

Ice Films is a 50% – 50% website, where some of the movie links might work and may not work at all. Also, note that you may not find popular cartoon based movies like Justice League Bad Blood, and other similar movies. But, you will find other international released movies like Toy Story, The Boss Movie, and other similar international released movies.

Monetisation: Ice Films revenue depends on the display advertisements, but the good part is that you won’t find any pop-up advertisements. Ice Films did not force you the pop-up ads so that you will experience smooth navigation.

Note: In case, if the website blocked or banned in your region, then use VPN to access the website.

5. Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher is not a popular website, and it is a good thing because it is a website that isn’t targeted by copyrighted departments around the world. The Movie watcher genre is limited, but you will find Hollywood popular movies and new releases. The most interesting part of the Movie Watcher is that you can find USA-based TV shows as well.

Movie watcher

Yes, there is a huge list of TV shows like late night shows, dragon dens, and Shark Tank as well. You can find plenty of new shows available on the Netflix as well. There is also a huge list of cartoon based movies like Batman Bad Blood and Justice League vs Teen Titans movies, which is a good option for people like me.

Monetisation: The website does not display any form of advertisements on the website. They have developed a new way to make money from the visitors. You have to open any movie stream, and then you will find “unblock access” in the middle of the movie.

Note: You have to “unblock access” to watch the movies.


There are many websites that we did not list here because they are permanently banned, and the government closes their servers. We have provided you with a list of best free movies sites that are online, and you can access them to watch the movies. Let us know what do you think about it in the comment section.

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