Best 5 Typing Software for PC

There are many ways to learn typing and best typing software can help you learn the technique and improve your typing speed in a minute. I have seen many tuitions teaching typing, but if you have a low-end or high-end computer, then you can learn to type at a fast rate.

We have compiled a list of best typing software that helps you to type 100 words in a minute without any issues, and you don’t have to worry about the pricing of the software because the majority of them are free-of-cost.

5. Tux Typing Tutor

The Tux Typing software designed for the children, who like to play games on the computer, and you can use the computer to teach the children to learn to type. The Tux Typing added a game, so they can learn while playing the game.

tux typing textor


  1. It supports older Windows & modern Windows OS.
  2. Tux Typing is a game aimed to teach your kids typing while playing.
  3. It comes with an interactive lesson so that they can learn faster.
  4. The developers have added 43 interactive lessons so that kids can adapt the keyboard faster with accuracy.
  5. The developers have designed an Ubuntu version as well, and you can Install it on Linux based operating systems.

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Editor’s Choice: Open Broadcaster Software Studio

4. Tutor Type

Tutor type is an excellent Windows software that helps the users to learn the typing without looking at the keyboard. The Tutor type has an industrial look, and it also offers typing lessons that will keep you busy and makes you perfect without looking down on the keyboard.

tutor type

The most important feature that I have liked about Tutor Type that it is created for the office people, and it would help those who wants to get a job, and they have to go through the typing sessions during a technical round. The most interesting part of the Tutor type that the interface is professional, so if you can learn the options, then you can handle the technical round very easily.


  1. The software designed to help you learn keyboard typing at the fastest pace.
  2. You can gain knowledge on the keyboard techniques, and you can pass the technical rounds that have a keyboard test in it.
  3. It has an industrial design, and I have seen similar designs in the major companies used in technical rounds of a company hiring process.
  4. Above all, it is a free typing tool.

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3. Speed Typing Online

I have listed several Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X best typing software, but I think, we should also list down one online software that helps you learn to type at a faster pace. It is an online tool that does not glitch or has any bugs in it, and you can learn the typing without looking at the keyboard. The developer has added a timer, so you can track the number of words you have typed.

speed typing online


  1. It comes with a timer, so you can learn how many words you can type in a minute, and it will also help you track the improvement by signing up for a free account.
  2. There’s a timer, percentage, and accuracy so that you can monitor your progress.
  3. It is an online tool that does not require high-speed internet to connect & use it.
  4. It’s free, but you have to create a new account to track improvements & set targets.

Download Speed Typing Online | Free

2. Kiran’s Typing Tutor

Kiran’s Typing Tutor is a free Windows tool typing software developed to gain knowledge for proper typing, and you can learn typing techniques. The software designed to run the older machines, and you can use it to improve the precision, accuracy, and without looking at the keyboard. The software was designed to cover tests, exams, and it helps you to learn it by playing games. The software will enhance your typing skills within a month, but you have to work on it on a daily basis for half an hour.

kiran typing tutor


  1. It’s designed for the working people and growing students.
  2. The developer has designed it keeping the students in mind, so you will find test and exams that enhances your techniques.
  3. It works on Windows XP, or should I say that it works smoothly on low-end computers.
  4. Unfortunately, the developer has not updated it for a long time, but it has everything that you need to enhance your typing skills.

Download Kiran Typing Tutor | Free

1. Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

Klavaro typing tutor is an excellent software designed to provide accuracy and acquiring skills. You can spend a few weeks to learn to type while using the software, and solid tutorials will teach you advanced techniques within a few months. Klavaro touches typing tutor originally designed it for the professionals, who have an Internet & technical round to conduct. Yes, you can spend a few weeks, and get a good grip at handling it.

Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor


  1. It was very easy to understand interface.
  2. It has many lessons, and it comes with a level of difficulty so that you can keep up a good job.
  3. You can monitor the course information & progress.
  4. You can select various types of keyboard, languages, and speech as well.
  5. You can monitor and view the statistics of the speed & fluidity.
  6. It will also show you which finger you should use to improve the typing speed and accuracy.

Download Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

Conclusion: Bonus

I think you should gibe KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Free a shot because it helps you acquire typing skills like a professional within a few weeks, but the reason why we have not listed it because it is an advanced tool. The company developed KeyBlaze Typing Tutor advertised paid version as well. Let us know what do you think about the best typing software in the comment section below.

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