10 Best Sports Streaming Sites 2018

We have millions of active channels running in many countries around the world, but only 1000 channels can broadcast worldwide. It’s difficult to watch your favorite sport when the channel that airs the show is not available in your region.

I have seen and experienced that many networks change the location of the channels or they remove it from the satellite because they seek extra bucks for service. I have also experienced channels removing a specific country from the list and in such cases, streaming websites come to play.

I no longer need Ten Sports to watch WWE wrestling sport & UFC fighting sport. I can watch them online without paying a single penny for the pay-per-view.

I have compiled a list of streaming sites to watch your favorite sport like Cricket, Fights, Wrestling, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Ice Skating and more.

1. WatchESPN


ESPN is a reputed sports channel around the world, and they are available around the world, but they don’t telecast several sports in different parts of the country due to lack of demand or the regulations issues. If you are unable to watch your favorite sport on your TV, then you can watch it on the official website of WatchESPN. You need high-speed Internet to use the WatchESPN because the stream is going to be in high-quality, and you don’t want to experience buffering.

Note: WatchESPN doesn’t provide any support to the non-American people, so make sure you are using a VPN, or you are from America.

Visit WatchESPN

2. Loala1.TV


If you want to watch highlights, and live TV, then you can head to the Loala1 website because they add ten types of sports like Soccer, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Handball, Basketball, Table Tennis, and more games. The founder of the website has selected high-quality servers, and you can watch it without any issues from the website end.

Visit Loala1.tv

3. Fubo.tv


The Fubo is like Netflix, but they also stream sports and live events, unlike Netflix. The Fubo aims to provide quality sports stream along with other shows. They offer major sports live events like NBA, NHL, MLB, and other sports, but they are available for northern America only, and they don’t provide the services to other parts of the states, and countries. However, they are working towards making the streams available all over the world.

Visit Fubo.tv

4. WWE Network

WWE Network

WWE network is an official website that streams wrestling matches from the past and the present. They cover all weekly live events including the pay-per-views, and you don’t have to pay additional bucks to watch other franchise shows like Cruiserweight, NXT, UK NXT, WWE UK, and special pay-per-views like Evolution. However, they charge you $9.99 a month for the service, but you can use the first month for free-of-cost, and you can create a new account every month, and add a virtual credit card to use it for free.

Visit WWE Network

5. WatchWrestling


WatchWrestling is a website that allows you to watch everything related to the fights, wrestling, and underground wrestling. You can watch wrestling shows like WWE, Lucha Underground, mixed match challenges, UFC (mixed martial arts), Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and more. You can watch the shows in 10 minutes – 15 minutes parts, and you can watch it on Dailymotion, PrimeWire, and other networks.

Visit WatchWrestling

6. BatmanStream


Batman stream might sound cartoonish, but it is one of the major sports streaming portals in the world right now, and it has millions of viewers every single day. The Batman Stream offers NFL, NBA, Basketball, Baseball, Motorsport, Rugby, Tennis, and many more. In case, if you are unable to find a stream, then you can search it in the search bar. Batman Stream is extremely popular, and it will show you plenty of stream links that help you watch it without any issues.

Visit Batmanstream

7. Cricsports.sc


Cricsports is a popular portal in the United Kingdom, and it is blocked in many countries like India, Saudi, and other Asian countries. The Cricsports has over 5 million unique visitors around the world, but it is extremely popular in the UK. It doesn’t stream live events, but it streams live events telecasted by the popular sports channels like SkySports, Eurosport, USA network, ESPN, BT Sport, NBC, Sports.net, and more than 50 sports channel. The stream hosted on high-quality, so you don’t have to worry about the buffering and interruption by the servers.

Visit Cricsports

8. Vipbox


Vipbox started to provide excellent sports streaming site that helps you watch streams like tennis, football, badminton, rugby, water sports, handball, volleyball, AFL, golf, and more. The website management updates the links every single day, so you don’t have to worry about the broken links and non-working streams.

Visit Vipbox

9. LivesoccerTV


The LivesoccerTV dedicated to the soccer viewers, and if you want to watch the live matches and highlights, then this should be your destination. If your cable operator or dish TV provider has given up on you, then LivesoccerTV should work out for you. The management works help you by offering information on the scores, live streams, and highlights without feeding your advertisement.

Visit LivesoccerTV

10. Streamsports.us


The streamsport allows you to watch wide-range of sports aired all over the world like wrestling cricket, MMA, golf, motorsport, cycling, and more. They have enabled the smartphone users to download the app and watch the streams for free of cost. I did not like that stream sports use pop-up advertisements to make money from the service and fund the project. However, the number of pop-ups is less compared to many other ports, so in case, any one of the sites we have listed does not work out for you, then try this.

Visit Streamsport


You can sign-up for the trial version of the sports sites, and use it for free of cost. However, many of the websites allow you to enjoy the services for free of cost, so you don’t have to worry about the charges. Let us know what do you think about the services in the comment section below.

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