5+ Best Flash video Downloaders

World’s No.1 video sharing website YouTube adapted flash player to play the videos and movies on the platform. The Google’s YouTube has also added an inbuilt flash player in the Chrome browser, so they don’t need have you download the additional flash player from Adobe.

The interesting part is that browsers like Microsoft Edge & other browsers except for the Mozilla will have issues playing the videos on video sharing sites because they all utilise the Adobe Flash Player. Currently, more than one billion devices and desktops are using Adobe Flash Player to play videos on various portals like YouTube, Dailymotion, and other video content sites.

But, how to download the videos from websites that are using Adobe Flash Player?

Allow us to list down 10 Best Flash Player Downloaders that will help you download the videos on your Mozilla, Chrome, and Windows PC in a few clicks.

1. Internet Download Manager

Internet download manager is a paid program that allows you to download the files of any size at maximum download speed offered by the ISP. But, it has other features that have impressed me a lot, and I would like to share it with you. The downloader manager comes with a video and audio downloader feature that allows you to download any format file in any given resolution without any issue. You can download the FLV (Flash Video) without any issues.

I have been using the IDM for almost seven years, and I can tell that it has never disappointed me because it can detect any video file after the browser loads the video.

The video downloader extension is available on the Mozilla, Safari, Opera, Chrome browser, Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer, AOL, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, Ace Explorer, and more. The extension supports almost every browser available in the web market today, and it is the only extension in the list that supports so many browsers.

Rating: 10/10.

Download | 30-days trial | $11.95 per year.

2. EagleGet

EagleGet is the free version of the Internet download manager, and I have said that IDM is a paid program that cost you $11.95 per license, but you can EagleGet for free of cost without a single penny for a lifetime. The company who developed the EagleGet started it to provide free download manager, and it does have a couple of flaws.

Flash video downloader

I wouldn’t call it a perfect replacement for IDM, but it does the job, and I would suggest you give it a try because it might work out for your requirement. I have tested the EagleGet on Windows 10 PC and Chrome browser, and it works smoothly.

After installing it on your Windows PC, make sure to cancel the firewall access.


Rating: 8/10 | It needs a lot of improvement.

Download | Free

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3. Flash Video Downloader

The NextGenDev launched a flash video player for Google Chrome browsers so that you can download Audio, FLV videos, and videos from any website in the world without any issues. The NextGenDev ensured that we wouldn’t have issues with compatibility with the extensions or websites because they have tested it on various types of sites & video players that run flash videos platform. They have specifically designed it for the YouTube, DailyMotion and popular 18+ sites to ensure that you can watch the latest videos.

Flash video downloader

It works on 99% of the websites, but they have also revealed that they use Google Analytics to understand the behaviour of the traffic and number of visitors, and you can give them access to it because it doesn’t harm you at all.

CON: Chrome web store has banned any extension from downloading videos from YouTue. It works on other websites including social media platforms.

Rating: 9/10.

Download | Free

4. Web Video Downloader

The Web Video downloader developed by the Jonathan Owen, who has launched the add-on for the Google Chrome to help those who want to download the videos from the video sharing websites and social media sites.

Video Downloader

You can download pretty much any format video, and you don’t need to worry about the audio, and video because you can download it without any issues. Unfortunately, Chrome store does not allow any plugin that encourages downloading video content from the YouTube, so it can provide you with YouTube video download links, they cannot do it.

All the blame goes to Google Inc.

Rating: 9/10 – I had to take one point because it doesn’t support YouTube.

Download | Free

5. GetGo Video Saver

We have another Google Chrome extension that allows you to take full advantage of the video downloading capabilities on the Chrome browser. The extension is super lightweight, so it doesn’t slow your browser down, and you can download any format of the video and audio. If the uploader uploaded it in MP3, then you have the MP3 file ready to be downloaded to your PC. You can download any format file like Flash Video, Mp4, Mp3, or any format available in the market.

Flash video downloader

The Google Chrome extension rule applies to GetGo video saver, and you cannot download YouTube videos. The extension doesn’t you a single penny because it is available for free of cost.

Rating: 9/10.

Download | Free

6. Video download helper

I have used this a lot in my Mozilla Quantum browser because it helps you to download videos on the official website of YouTube, and it supports all video formats available. In case, if the uploader uploaded it 720P/FLV, then you will have the download option.

Flash video dowloader

The most interesting part of the Video DownloadHelper that it comes with an amazing extension that allows you to download YouTube videos by adding additional supporter to it. It works on Mozilla, and Chrome browser on various platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux based OS.

You can download YouTube videos as well, but you have to download an additional companion add-on, and the Video DownloadHelper suggest it.

Rating: 9/10.

Download ChromeMozilla | Free


Currently, I am using Internet download manager, and Video DownloadHelper and the combination of both plugins help me download almost anything from the web including Google video sites. I recommend you to go with Internet download manager and Video DownloadHelper. Let us know what do you think about it in the comment section below.

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