5 Best Android Emulators

If you have even heard of a term called “Emulators” then you must have heard of “Android Emulators” as well. Android Emulator is a simple term used for the statement which states “Any software which can emulate or replicate the experience of an Android device on any other device other than Android itself. So I make this very clear that the software will only emulate the experience of an Android device but this does not mean that if you have more ram or bigger processor, your experience will increase according to that. Yeah! the quality will differ from person to person but experiences overall will be quite the same.

So lets come on the topic of the article which says “Best Android Emulators”. In this article, the list I am providing for the best emulators will be according to my knowledge and my interest in them. There will be no partiality done in chosing them according to their usage.

The Android Emulators you should try right now.

1. Blue Stacks

Blue St acks, the name is common to all android emulators list out there, it is not likely to be that they all copies it from each other. This is because of the features this emulator provides and the user experience has no match to another emulator out there. The latest update of this emulator tries to emulate the Android experience of the Samsung Galaxy S9 but they also say and I quote “6X faster than your flagship device”. This statement for me is a bit exaggeration of the fact that this is by far the best emulator that can be used by any user out there. But just like every good thing comes to an end, the good things about this emulator ends here and the only bad thing about this the laggy nature of this emulator in some of the productive application out there.

Blue Stacks

2. Nox Player

Nox Player, according to me will be the go-to emulator, if you want to play games only with the help of the emulator. Nox Emulator is one of the best and in my opinion the best I have ever used till now Android emulator. This is the emulator which uses the full potential of the CPU power of your device and you get the full experience of a fast and fluid Android device. But this is where the good things end, the first and foremost thing that this uses all the power of CPU, which will result in better gaming but the other applications will become laggy other than the emulator. But the free cost of this application will solve all the problems for the user like me.

Nox player

3. MEmu

MEmu is the newest of the all in this list of best android emulators which makes it the best of them all and to some extent, it has managed to do all that. It is launched in the year 2015 and the application has regularly being updated by its developer and the performance is also been changed drastically from the application back in 2015. The application has all the necessary features but the main thing it lacks in is the Android version of the application. It still runs on the lollipop version of the android but this does not mean that it will perform any slower or cause lag in running the application. It supports all the necessary graphics card available in the market.


4. Genymotion

All the emulators in this list are available for only Windows version of the operating system, but the emulator I am going to tell you is available for the Mac OS only. The name of the emulator is Genymotion And you guess it right that it will cost of hard earned money but that is not the issue as you have already bought a Mac device. So deal with it and you have to buy it from the official app store on your computer or laptop. But the money paid for this app is worth of every penny you will be going to pay on this application. The application itself comes with a hell lot of options and the necessary feature of an android emulator will be there. But if you don’t have money in your pocket, you can also try the free trial version of the app and then you can decide that you have to gather money for this application or not or you will try another application.


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5. Remix OS

Remix OS, one of the most advanced emulators in this list or we can say that calling this an emulator will not be the justice for its developer. It is a full-blown OS in which you must boot just like any other operating system out there. You can either dual boot your device or you can only install this operating system as well, but I recommend you to dual boot your device and the guide for that will be on the internet or I will try to do that in any other article. Now comes back to our main topic which is the emulator for our device of an Android. It has all the necessary features and the main thing is that the developer of this emulator is the developer from Google and who themselves worked on the original Android and you can say that their product will not fail to satisfy you. And if you are ready to dual boot your device this is the go-to option for you. But the main drawback is that this still works on Android Marshmallow, so you have to compromise on some features and if you are okay with that you are good to go.

Remix OS


All the applications are tried by myself or my friends and we are pretty satisfied with the results and the list is the result of our testing. Every application in this list is worth trying and I hereby can say that you will be satisfied by your usage. I try to use a bunch of application out there and make this list after that, so if you have any suggestion about you favorite emulator not included in this list, you can tell me in the comments down below and if you try any of this application also let me know.

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