10+ Best Android Texting apps

Android, the world’s most popular and used OS has become more popular due to the development of various amazing apps supporting it. To communicate using your Android, you have a number of options out there. This makes sure you never get bored using this OS, even for a lifetime.

If you are bored with the messaging app with your Android device has in-built, and if you want changes in the android messaging app, then here is a list of the 12 best Android Texting Apps. You can use any of the below apps to text using Android. Some of them are free while others may charge in the form of in-app purchases. Without further ado, here we go –

1) Android Messages

Android Messages

What else could be a better start than an android messaging app from Google? A very neat yet featured app that consists of backup options, light theme options, and a neat search function, is how one can define Android Messages.

This app has to be in the first position on the list of Best Android Texting apps because of its simple easy-to-use interface that is ideal for newbies. One can also use this app over the PC with its web version. This app is free to use.

Download Android Messages

The only con about this app is the battery draining issue by using it. So if you are a person who constantly runs out of battery then maybe you should try the other apps mentioned below –

2) Persona 5 IM

Another free to use Android messaging app is the Persona 5 IM. I personally find this messaging app very attractive and alluring. Not just the looks, but this app works great too.

You can customize this app using the fancy animations, color options, etc. If you are a person who prefers colored and attractive apps then this is the one you must have!

Persona 5 IM

By the images mentioned below, you can see what beauty I have been talking about. When it comes to the working of this app, it works fine. Not too great not too bad. Despite being so funky, this app comes free of cost.

Download Persona 5 IM

However, if the modern vibes or styling of this app is not what you are into then there are many other options below from which you can choose any –

3) Chomp SMS

Chop SMS

Being one of the eldest and contemporary with the origin of Android, Chomp SMS is one such Android messaging app that is worth giving a try. This third party app has many features to offer its users.

This app has all the latest features like Blocking SMSs, Group texting, Quick reply from notifications, Emojis, and a lot more. Even though it is old than today’s messaging app, it has still maintained its position among the bests.

If you are willing to cancel a text when it is being sent, you can do so through this app! You can also customize this app using the themes store. It does contain some in-app purchases as well.

Download Chomp SMS

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4) Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger

Who does not know the Facebook Messenger? Many people have already been using Facebook Messenger for texting in Android devices. This seems to have an engaging interface and quite different from other messaging apps but there are a few cons to be considered.

This app uses a lot of battery, RAM and storage. You will be interrupted by the ads as well. The only reason this messenger is so used is that many people are Facebook users too. And they have messenger on their device as well. The users after installing the app will be asked to make Facebook Messenger the default messaging app.

Mostly, people go for this option as it is quite interesting than traditional messaging apps.

Download Facebook Messenger

5) Evolve SMS

Evolve SMS

Another one on our list of 12 Best Android Texting Apps is the Evolve SMS. This great Android messaging app allows its users to customize it. You get innumerable customizing options.

You can reply quickly through the notification bar as well while doing anything else. There are various theme options to be downloaded. This app was created by the creator of Talon for Twitter.

Download Evolve SMS

6) Signal Private Messenger

signal private messenger

As the name says, Signal Private Messenger is just another private texting app like WhatsApp, Hangouts, Line, etc. There however comes an to be an additional feature in this app of end-to-end encryption.

This feature makes people go for this app without any second thoughts. If privacy is your concern, this app ensures that. This app is completely free to use. There are no in-app purchases or hidden things.

Signal Private Messenger is an open source application. It has an amazing material design. You can also have group chats over this messenger. You can make phone calls as well.

Download Signal Private Messenger



Another great app that you can rely on for texting is the QKSMS. As the name says, this is a fast working and seamless app. It isn’t way too amazing, but it does the job anyway. It is simple yet customizable.

There is no interruption by ads and it is kind of a light-weight app with no burden on your device. There are some in-app purchases that keep this app going on but they are again optional.

The features of this app are worth mentioning. Your privacy is ensured by features like – a blacklist of blocked numbers, nifty accessibility features, Android wear support. It is an open source application like Signal Private Messenger.

Download QKSMS

8) Handcent Next SMS

Handcent backup SMs

Handcent Next SMS can be said to be a contemporary app with Android OS. No matter how old it is, the features of this app make it like a modern day app. You can also text messages from your PC or Laptop, or Tablet using the Handcent Anywhere feature.

This app is quite similar to Chomp SMS. There are many themes, eCards, Emojis, Privacy box for private messages, SMS backups, and a lot more.

Download Handcent Next SMS

9) Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger is the most recent apps in the Android messaging app category. This simple yet useful messenger does not have tons of features to offer its users but those that are offered work like magic.

You can actually send SMS to other Mood Messenger user without using SMS. This app comes for free of cost and the best part – does not include any sort of in-app purchases.

Download Mood Messenger

10) Textra SMS

Textra SMS

The nest popular and best messaging app for Android is the Textra SMS. If you are into customizing then this is the app you should have. With the innumerable options for customization, this app will become your favorite in no time.

You can alter the background, emojis, contacts, text bubbles, notifications and a lot more using the customization offered by this app. Not just that, you can use features like – slide to delete, Android wear, Mighty Text, Push bullet, Delayed sending, floating notifications and a lot more.

The noticeable part is that this app comes for free. There comes only one in-app purchase in this app that too for just %2.99 for unlocking the pro version of this app. For the style, it gives to your Android device, it is worth it!

Download Textra SMS



YAATA SMS takes a position in this list of 12 best Android texting apps because of the features that it provides its users. You can buy the premium version, add numbers to the blacklist and thus ensure your privacy, Auto-forward, Auto-respond, backup feature, restore settings if you shifted to another new device, etc.

This android messaging app has a feature similar to Facebook which attracts a lot of people – Widgets with chat heads. You may face some bugs but these aren’t much problematic. The interface of this app is quite alluring.

Download YAATA SMS

12) Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS

Last but not least is the Pulse SMS texting app. It is compatible with dual SIM devices as well. It also has a blacklist for blocking numbers and thus ensuring the privacy of the user. The SMS Backup feature is another cherry on the cake.

This app is free for texting through phone but to use PC or Laptop to send messages, you will be asked to pay $0.99 per month or you can buy it for a lifetime for $10.99. However, basic messaging is completely free of cost.

Download Pulse SMS


That was it about the 12 Best Android Texting apps. I assume you have by now, downloaded the android messaging app that you liked from the above 12 options.

We would suggest you give a shot to as many of them as possible. If you cannot remember the names, you can bookmark our page!

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