How to add Emojis to Discord

If you are a gamer or want to be a gamer. the one thing which is most important in any kind of competitive or multiplayer game is Communication. You must have heard most of the gamers saying about “Communication is the key!! My Friend!” or if you haven’t then I tell you that is one of the most important aspects of any kind of competitive gaming and most of the gamers use an application or service for this purpose called Discord. I will tell you about this application later on but the main focus of this article is to tell the current or new discord users to use Emojis in their chats or anything they do on that application. But if you want to know about Discord you can click here.

Emoji are a great way to express your expressions or emotions in a chat where you simply type your thoughts to convey your message and in those kinds of moments where you want to express your feelings in that manner in the same as you are feeling at that moment. Just imagine you are having a conversation with your friend on Discord and you want to use any emoji to show your feelings but you don’t know how to use them. So this article will help you to solve this issue for you my friend.

What is Discord?

Discord is a freeware VoIP application and digital distribution platform for the gamers or the gaming communities that will help to chat with your friends over the medium of texts, images audio and video communication. It has a huge base of over 130 million users at the time of writing this article. There is a saying in the Discord Community which says and I quote ”
Don’t let your memes be dreams.” That is one of the beautiful quotes about your expression of your emotions and Discord take it very seriously for their users to get that what they need and deserve. So there is a whole access place provided by Discord to use your favorite emojis at your fingertips. This article will help you to access that place and what are the ways you can use them.

How to add Emojis to Discord chat?

As told earlier that emojis are used to express your emotions in a message and the way to use that in a discord chat are not muntain climbing. All you have to do is to do some simple steps to make that working. All you have to do is to hover your mouse cursor over the chat box and their you will see a emoji sign, then click on that and then a dialog box will open in front of your window.

add emoji to discord

If you want to use more than emoji at once in a message you can use that by pressing the shift button and then selecting emoji icons one by one. Now you can smash your favorite emoji to express your emotions in a great manner.

add emojis to discord

How to add custom emojis in your chatbox?

Other than the usual emojis provided by Discord by themselves, there are some other options as well where you can add your own custom images in the chat box.

These type of emojis can be of any type as you might have saw in some of the Twitch and Youtube channels. Whenever a person subscribes to their channel there is an emoji or GIF pops up on the screen, that is one of the way to describe custom emojis. This can be done by connecting your Discord account to your Youtube or Twitch account to access these emojis and these emojis can be used by the users who will or have jioned your channel as a special gift for them.

But first you have to upload those emojis to your tailored server and by tailored servers I mean to say that the special servers you own at the Discord community. But to do that you have to follow the following steps:

  • Go to the Server Settings by clicking on the server name and then selecting the settings tab form the drop-down menu.
Add emojis to discord
  • Click on the Emojis tab you will see after opening settings tab. This will open the server’s emojis dialog.
add emojis to discord

It is where you will be greeted with the quote I have told earlier in the article. As you are the admin of server you are allowed to upload your custom emojis as you have the full access to the Emojis tab here.

  • Click on the upload button and then you can select any emojis from your personal collection and that you have your emojis on the server.
Upload emoji

As you are limited to only 50 emojis per server, so you have to be choosy for the emojis because you are allowed to upload only the defined emojis on the server.


In this article, I tried to tell you that there are different type of emojis you can use to express your chats in the discord application. There are number of emojis you can use anf you can upload your own customized emojis as well on the server as the application allows you to. As told in the article you can easily use any emoji of your choice and you have other suggestion about this topic and if you like my way to tell this, you can also let me know.

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